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Product video maker : How to create effective videos

Product video maker : How to create effective videos

Video is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. Statistics on video’s effectiveness are staggering and should be enough evidence that the time you spend on creating a viral video campaign is time well spent. Product launch videos are a tool used to attract more potential customers and they convert better than any form of content. Video drives more traffic than blogs, email, or any other form of communication. Video generates over 50% more shares than any other form of content and it does all this while having a much better conversion rate than visuals like charts or images. Video is hands down the best way to get attention and deliver all the juicy details about your new products. The video makes educational material more entertaining and easier to digest. And, video is highly shareable. Today, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to make your product pop with a video. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a complete understanding of the underlying concepts of product videos and how to produce one for yourself.

Where is this Product Video reaching? What is its Goal?

Where is this product video going? What is its purpose? Think about these questions when you’re filming your product video. There are many ways to use a product video, but one of the largest audiences would be the people who’re in your sales funnel. Where you’ll share your videos depends on where you want to reach your target audience. If you want to make a punchy, fast-paced, promotional video designed to reach a larger audience, definitely make an ad. You can also put that ad in front of potential customers using Facebook or Instagram. If you’re making a more in-depth product video for a product page, then you’d want something that appeals more to the people who’ve already converted and are about to make another purchase. Perhaps you could include some before and after photos with honest testimonials from current customers that explain how it helped them.

How Do You Want the Video to Look?

What do you want your video to look like? The answer to this will depend on the goal of the video. If you are going for views, then a quick, fun video that is easily digestible might be most effective. If you want to increase conversions, a more serious short video that explains how your product or service solves a problem might be useful. Remember, this is your content. It needs to align with your business’s vision and brand. You want to create something that reflects well on you and is enjoyable to watch. You don’t want to seem boring. Or out of touch with what people are talking about in your niche. Ensure the video is relevant and exciting for everyone who sees it because trust me; the internet will get a hold of it and make sure it reaches the eyes that need to see it. Check websites or browse social media to see what others have created. Engage with the ads that appear on your Facebook or Instagram feed so the algorithms will show you more advertising – it’s all market research.

What Kind of Video are You Striving For?

If you’re just starting, don’t stress about creating a narrative masterpiece — getting a sense of how to film, edit and produce videos is more important than worrying about how good your first one will look. Don’t worry about the narrative, just shoot for capturing the essence of your brand. There are several simple styles out there that you can master over time and still create a great-looking video. If you’re a small business, it’s likely your advertising budget is limited. But it’s not impossible to create the type of video that you want. Here are some quick tips that will help you make the most of your limited resources: Choose your style for shooting. Videos don’t all have to be created with a big budget or need a lot of equipment. A good idea is to decide on an overarching style and see what you can do with that. When deciding on a style, think about the length, the sound, and the type of editing (if any). The more time-intensive and complicated styles won’t be possible in this situation, but if you keep things simple, you can still create something appealing to your audience.

Write the Plan for Your Product Video

It’s better to have a plan for your product video! Instead of making it up as you go or filming your product video without a game plan, you should create a few simple ideas and choose the one that suits your video and product best. It’s also important to consider the location in which you film your product video. Although there are no strict rules, it’s usually best to shoot in natural light or daylight. You can achieve nice lighting from nearby lamps or even from the sun. Natural light helps make your product look better on camera and gives it more of an authentic look. It’s also important to consider how much room you have around you when filming. If you have a small space, try to keep everything close by and organized. So that you don’t waste any time moving items around while filming. One trick is to keep a small table handy so that you can place items on it while filming. 

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