Tips To Shoot a High Quality Product Demo Video

Tips To Shoot a High Quality Product Demo Video

A good product demo video is not only about quality visuals – but how well it explains the benefits and pursues the prospects to take the next step. And the key to success is preparation. Planning your product video before you begin to shoot will help you avoid common pitfalls. You need to think about what you want to say, how you want to say it, and how you want to say it visually. A product demo video doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. All it demands is attention to detail. Creating a video that conveys the information you need and looks fantastic is about as difficult as learning to cook. Keep these 7 tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to creating professional-looking Demo videos.

Use the lights carefully

Choose a room with very even lighting. The best camera position, for direct lighting, is in the dead center of the room, or at least in the middle of the room. Ideally, you’ll have a bright light behind you, casting a soft shadow on you. Stand near that light, pointing the camera toward it. If you’re shooting outside, plan to shoot on a cloudy day, when you don’t have to fight bright sunlight. Make sure the sun isn’t behind you, hiding you from view. Sometimes, if there are trees or poles nearby, you can position them behind your subject and use them for light.

Use a flat background.

Your background needs to be clean and clear. You don’t need to use a solid-colored backdrop if you don’t want to. You can film in front of a solid-colored wall. Just make sure that the wall is clean, and that there aren’t any posters, pictures, or other objects in the background. Keep backgrounds simple. If you don’t want your background to distract from your message, keep it simple. 

Don’t use fast edits

The editing process should suggest the final piece, not detract from it. You can do elaborate transitions, multiple camera angles, and special effects like slow motion. There are a lot of video editing softwares that will help to make the video look more alluring. Have someone unfamiliar with your industry look over the video. They should be able to watch it without getting distracted by the editing. If your video is too long, cut it. Even if your video is five minutes long, cut it down to three minutes. Keep the camera steady. Sudden camera movements, especially panning and tilting, distract viewers. Don’t speak too fast. Slow your speech down when you are reading a script, and try to speak at the same pace throughout the video. Try reading the script without looking at the page. The act of reading can distract the audience. Keep it simple. Don’t use too many fonts, colors, or backgrounds.


Avoid Shaky Footage.

Set your camera on a sturdy surface. If you can, use a tripod. A tripod will keep the vertical position of your camera steady. Even better, make sure you have your camera sitting on something solid, like a table or desk. If you support your camera from below, the tip wobbles and the up-and-down movement makes it shake. If you support your camera from above, the up-and-down movement moves the camera horizontally, causing wobble and blurring. The horizontal movement seems less significant because it takes place over a longer distance, but the horizontal movement is what causes shaking.


Shoot from Different Angles

When you shoot a video from a stationary position, you’re only showing your face, shoulders, torso, and legs. It’s completely boring. Don’t make your video look boring, though. Instead, shoot your video from a few different angles. Remember that your camera’s lens is recording a narrow slice of the world. But when you shoot from multiple angles, you capture more of the world. For example, if you’re shooting a product demo, the camera might be shooting from overhead, then from the side, then from that angle but looking slightly behind yourself. That’s three different angles. Shoot your video from all sorts of different camera positions as well, including walking, running, crouching, kneeling, and jumping.


Make your audio Clear & Crisp

When creating a video, your audio is just as important as your visuals. If you’re shooting footage indoors, record without obstructing the camera’s view, and aim the microphone at your subject’s chest. If possible, find a room without any background noise. If you’re shooting outside, record in quiet street or park areas, and avoid using the microphone on your camera if possible. The most natural-sounding audio comes from using a lavalier microphone. These mics are small, clip onto your subject’s clothing, and don’t require any power.


Do You Need Professional Help? 

We hope that you’ve found the tips above to be of use. Yes, product demo videos can be time-consuming and expensive, but they’re also extremely valuable for online businesses. If you find your niche or industry to be particularly crowded, these videos can help potential customers better understand the benefits of your product over the competition. Put simply, if you’re in business to make money, you should consider investing in a video like this. We at Buzz Creatix help such marketers to draw potential clients for their products and services. Our team of professionals takes advantage of the best in technology and equipment to produce high-quality videos with clear audio

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