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How We Create Video Ads?

How We Create Video Ads?


Video is playing a growing role in online marketing, and the ability to create compelling video content has become an essential skill for any marketing team to have. Video ads or advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective online advertising types because video ads have the highest click-through rate of any other ad format at an average of 2.35%. Why are video ads so effective? It could be because people remember 90% of what they see but only 25% of what they read. In addition, according to Statista, 63% of YouTube users are on mobile devices where YouTube video advertisements can reach them easily. This guide will teach you the main steps for creating engaging video ads and how we at Buzz Creatix create compelling video ads.


How We Develop A Strategy For Video Ad?

Here’s how our strategists start their approach to creating a video ads strategy for our clients. First, we’ll listen closely to the objectives and requirements to understand who you are targeting, what your target audience is looking for and how that fits into their lives. Then, we’ll dig deep into your business goals and competitive landscape to determine what success looks like for you. This will inform our creative brief: a document outlining all of these insights and more, including messaging, tone of voice, channel recommendations and more, that serves as a blueprint for every aspect of production.


  • First, we research your industry.


We don’t want to just put models in front of a camera and start recording. That would be more like a talk show than an advertisement! No, instead, we want to know your business inside and out. We do our research to create highly-specific videos that speak directly to potential customers that are so compelling they can’t help but share them with their friends and colleagues. We’ll dig deeper into market research of your competitors so that we can understand how and where they are placing their bets; in other words, what type of video ads are working for them? We’ll then analyse what ads have performed well on social media or elsewhere on the web or offline channels. Every subtle nuance matters when it comes time for someone to decide between two companies competing for their hard-earned money.


  • We define hook


While some companies use their mission statement to determine what content is created, our mission is more like a hook. It resonates with us and helps us define what our client’s brand is all about. We want to make sure that everything we do for our clients, from creating an explainer video for new customers to producing a white paper, aligns with who they are as a company and how they want people to feel when they interact with the company. Our hook? We believe in giving people something instantly they can fall in love with: whether it’s an idea or product, or service, if you fall in love with it, you’ll continue with it and come back for more. That may sound cheesy, but it does work! People always ask where they can find products because they loved them so much through the video ads, and now they can’t live without them!


  • Then we do the storyboard.


When creating videos for advertising purposes, it’s essential to convey a clear, entertaining and informative message. The best way to ensure an audience is engaged with your content is to storyboard it out. Storyboarding gives a plan of action from start to finish and gives a chance to know what graphics or stock footage you might need. We always do storyboards before creating video ads. Here are some tips on how to make a good storyboard: 1) Write down all of your ideas 2) Organise them into one page 3) Now, add images to explain each idea 4) You can use free tools like Google Drawings or PowerPoint 5) Review it with other people and ask them if they understand everything 6) If so, you are ready to shoot! 7) Share it with everyone in your team 8) Make changes as needed 9) Finally, show it to potential clients.


  • We prepare the background, characteristics & personality for the video.


When you shoot a professional commercial, every word matters, and every movement counts. These aspects can be broken down and explained by first understanding how to break down your product. Next, think about what makes it different from similar products in its class. What are some key features? What makes it unique? What are some examples of people who would use your product? You should also consider what kind of person might enjoy using your product. Is there a specific gender, age group, or lifestyle associated with your brand? Once you know who will benefit most from buying your product, think about how they might react when they see it advertised. How do they feel when they use it? How does their experience change as time goes on? Keep asking yourself questions until you have answers for all facets of your business.


Depending on these questions, we think which characteristic & personality will be a good fit for this ad. We then try our best to capture that in a few minutes. The more detail you put into creating your background, character and personality before shooting begins, the easier it will be to convey that information through facial expressions and body language during filming. In other words, prepare ahead of time, so you’re not left trying to figure out where to go next while standing in front of a camera crew. Don’t overthink things; if your idea is solid and authentic, it shouldn’t take long to find an angle that works.


  • Auditions and casting


Our team performs multiple auditions before deciding who will be in your commercial. This is important to ensure that everyone cast is a good fit and represents your brand correctly. Casting also allows us to research past performances of potential talent, which gives us better insight into who would be a great fit for future projects. The casting process may seem uneventful, but it’s crucial to determine how effective your advertisement will be! We want you to love your final product as much as we do!


  • What strategy do we follow while shooting ad videos?


After location scouting, it’s time to shoot your scene. Don’t underestimate how important lighting is for your video; most people want to see faces that are lit and easy to read. Audiences can quickly get lost in what you’re saying on camera without good lighting. Lighting is often overlooked and underestimated because it looks simple when done well, but bad lighting makes even a great script seem amateurish. Audio quality is also essential; plenty of portable external mics are available at reasonable prices. Consider using a directional mic like a Rode VideoMic Pro or Sennheiser ME66/K6 when shooting outside or in places with lots of background noise. We give attention to every little thing while shooting your ad video. It takes a lot of work to make something look effortless. But, we think it’s worth it!


  • What is our editing process?


There is a lot of work that goes into creating a professional-quality ad. First, from storyboarding to visualising your idea, make sure it is intended on camera. Next, you’ll want to shoot your video. The process involves shooting multiple takes and then choosing which ones are best for each scene in your ad. Afterward, you’ll edit all of your footage and choose what will be included in each shot or scene. This is where our professionals come in. Our professional editing team decides what shots to use, how long they should last, and how they should be arranged in each scene. In addition, our editing team has years of experience with different types of videos and can apply their expertise to your project to turn out exactly how you envisioned it. Finally, once everything is edited together and looks great, we’ll add music (if needed) and titles/text (if needed) before exporting.


  • How we colour grade your video


It’s important to note that each ad or commercial has its specific colour palette. Colour grading is a critical aspect of creating top-of-the-line commercials, as it’s what makes each ad unique from one another. We often start with a black and white timeline for our video, followed by a sequence of about five different colours; these colours help determine where particular objects fall on their colour wheel. A practical colour grade may be subtle and barely noticeable to some, but when done right can make all the difference in helping to drive your target audience’s emotions toward a particular action or feeling.


What equipments we use to create a converting video ad

  • What camera do we use?


The Canon 5D Mark III has become our workhorse. It’s robust and can shoot amazing, broadcast-quality 1080p HD footage. Moreover, it’s versatile: We use it for commercial shoots, viral videos, and even old YouTube clips. The drawback is that it’s a bulky camera, so sometimes you don’t want to lug it around when shooting on the go. We take advantage of our cellphones’ powerful built-in cameras for situations like that, which can do everything.


  • Getting Music For Your Video


The first step to getting music or two for your video is to do some research. You need to see what kind of music fits best with your product or service and whether or not there are existing tracks that would fit nicely. Alternatively, you can reach out to a musician directly, ask them if they’d be interested in providing music for your video, and negotiate a reasonable price. We have a dedicated team for the music arrangement of the video ads. In addition, there are many online sources from which you can find an appropriate song for your video. Our team has experience in sourcing music from such sources, and we work closely with clients to ensure their complete satisfaction on every level.


  • What program do we use?


We use Final Cut Pro X, a high-end program designed for professional editing. This program allows us to do quick edits and make our videos look amazing. We’ve taken full advantage of its features and have had zero problems. It has an intuitive design and handles our video editing needs very well. So if you’re looking for a program to edit your videos, we recommend checking out Final Cut Pro X.


How We Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Video Ad?

  • Make the First Few Seconds Count


Video ads need to be engaging from word one. Since you’re typically competing with several other similar videos, you can’t afford to lose viewers immediately. According to Oberlo, 76% of Youtube users skip any ads after the first four seconds. That’s why it’s critical that your first few seconds effectively capture their attention and hold on to it throughout your ad. This will directly impact how many people click through and watch your entire video. So make sure you include a compelling opening image or intro sequence in your creation process that gets people excited about what they will see next! They are far more likely to stick around if they don’t hit mute after five seconds of an ad they’re not interested in seeing.


  • Timing your video ad

Whether you have five seconds or 15, you want to make sure your video ad hits people when they’re most likely to notice it and be prompted to watch. We often recommend scheduling videos when people are most engaged with their smartphones, like during events or prime-time TV shows. You can also schedule according to audience demographics and affinities and even add a call-to-action overlay that asks viewers to comment on social media or download an app after watching your ad. A/B testing all of these variables helps optimise performance.


  • Highlight solving user’s problem


An excellent way to think about it is not so much in terms of keywords but rather problems. Are you solving a problem? If so, that’s where you should place your focus. Before creating an ad, you might also consider asking yourself questions: How will people look for content on social media channels? What are they looking for? Are they already looking for it, and I’m just filling a need? Or are people searching for something completely new? Depending on these questions, prepare your problem-solving video ad. This can be done by making an informative video to give viewers an idea of what your business does and how it solves their problems. It could also include case studies showing how customers were able to use your product or service successfully. As long as you can clearly explain why someone would benefit from using your product or service over similar products, you’re doing a great job showing how valuable yours is in comparison. Now that you’ve shown how valuable your product or service is compared to others available online, use actionable language like watch now to make viewers take action!


  • Use a clear call to action.


Your message isn’t clear until you ask your audience to do something. If viewers watch your entire video and leave without knowing what to do next, they aren’t given any context for what you want them to do. Using a strong call-to-action at the end of each video can be one of your best sales tools. For example, instead of saying sign up for our newsletter, tell people exactly how and where they can sign up for it, and then give them an incentive that makes signing up worth their time.


Wrapping It For You!

By now you must be knowing that video advertising, if gets viral, will be  a great way to increase customer attention. With video content gaining popularity, we need qualified professionals in every field of study who can transform a powerful and efficient tool into art. Start now! Your viewers are waiting for your next video. You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, then it only makes sense that an actual moving picture must be worth even more than just words alone, and on top of that, it looks so much better too! Consider including Video ads in your marketing campaigns. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce one video ad, but it can boost traffic and sales hundreds or thousands of times if done right. We will be happy to help you with video ads creation services. Contact us to get started today!

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