Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Thousands of companies use email marketing as a source to promote their company authenticity, consequently income. It is considered a generally safeguarded way to ensure profits. According to Marketing Week, £29 billion is the annual figure generated through email marketing in sales. This figure is not surprising as there are reasons for its success. First, it enhances the relationship between consumer and merchant. In this medium, you have the consumer’s attention compared to other forms of marketing. The user opens the mail with the intent to read it but fails to do so because of pop-up ads. Also, the only thing which has all the focus of the consumer is the content.


With many types of email marketing prevalent in India, the business owner has to choose one and cater to the target audience with customisations. But before talking about the benefits of email marketing, let’s compare it with other modes of marketing and talk about the rulebook to adhere to when traversing the route of email marketing.


Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

Before giving any reasons for choosing email marketing as our main hero, let’s look at this table.


  Email Marketing Social Media
Total users 3.8 Billion (approx) 3.4 Billion
Preferred channel for promos 60% 20%
Conversion rate 6.05% 1.9%
Engagement Rate 22.86% 0.58%
ROI 4400% 🧐


If anyone has said that email marketing is a thing of the past, should the table. The showcased figures could be news to many organisations who want to join the bandwagon of internet marketing. But why is the old still gold?


For starters, there is no beating around the bush in email marketing. It is straight to the point. This form of marketing gives the product details. Also, there is a massive chance of getting extensive offers on products in the midst of that. Although anyone can vouch for this, it is still pretty non-existent in social media marketing. Also, on social media, you are still in the process of introducing the product/service. But, in email marketing, it is a given that the consumer has a tidbit of knowledge of the product you are offering on a platter.


Also, the statistics enumerate 60% of consumers are more likely to subscribe to a brand’s list to receive promotional messages. On the other hand, a mere 20% only click the ‘follow’ button of the brands on social media to avail of similar benefits. This is excellent news for any organisation.


How Email Marketing Is A Tough Competitor Against Other Forms Of Marketing?


  • Businesses profit 50% when they run their ads through Google. (Economic Impact & Google Ads)
  • For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. (Campaign Monitor)
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) in Google Ads across all industries is 3.17%, and 0.46% for the search and display networks. (WordStream)
  • The average email CTR worldwide is 3.2% and above.
  • 64% of consumers say ads today are annoying or intrusive. (SmallBizTrends)
  • 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication. (curious)
  • 92% of online ads go unnoticed. (LinkedIn)
  • 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising.

The above statistics and facts clearly show why email marketing is not dead and gives a tough competition to other forms of marketing. Moreover, the laser bomb approach(email marketing) is notching up the likeability of this medium and bringing in more revenues.


Benefits Of Email Marketing

Since we have put our case incessantly for email marketing and believe in its significance, it is elementary to list its further benefits to drive our point home. So, without further ado, these are the benefits of email marketing:


  • Low Cost And Higher ROI

One copywriter and a graphic artist are the much-needed ingredients to make a killer marketing email. So what? Also, the two skills can be clubbed in one when you direct one of your employees to do your bidding. Just like that, you don’t need photoshoots of models, location fees, high budget photographer and morbid location fees? What, #yehbaatmaindigesthinahikarparahahoon. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of time. With the help of online tools, it is created in a day. Anyone has to drag and drop the logos and images in a template made for email marketing. Then, throw in content and develop strategies for the content and finish the job. So, this form is reducing your marketing cost and time by 1/10th. On top of that, it has a higher ROI.


Also, with a self-promotion strategy and the amount of money spent, you will get an exponential return on your investment (ROI). According to the report of DMA, the return on investment on £35 on £1 spent. So, you have cut your marketing cost and get a higher ROI. The predicament seems too good to be accurate, but the above statistics confirm the theory.


  • Reaches Targeted Audiences

It has been said that reaching the right audience at the right time should be the primary strategy of your business. There is a reason why business owners test their campaigns, and it gets launched after the test is successful. Reaching targeted audiences is easier with emails, as the statistics mentioned in the above table supports the theory.


The mails can be checked on multiple devices by subscribers; therefore a high chance of the content and promotions running in consumers’ minds. With the right audience, you can turn the non-buyers into loyal customers, as there was a reason why the non-buyer has subscribed. Also, when you have given every resource on the product’s value addition, you can provide the bait. They will indeed take the bait, and you have gained one customer. In addition, you will be cashing in higher ROI with continued great resources and testimonials.


  • Customised To The T

Customisation of emails has helped significantly to any organisation. You can segment your subscribers’ list and send different emails to different customers. For example, the email of a one time buyer can be entirely different from the email sent to a regular customer. As in the former case, you want to retain a customer, but in the latter, you are improving your offers and promotions to best suit the customer. Furthermore, email contents will be entirely different for the customer you still want to make a call of action.


With segmentation, you can catalogue your customers, making your task a wee bit simple.


  • Communication With The Audience

Doesn’t it feel nice when an author of the book gives a congratulatory message on reading their book on social media? So it was for me when the Ikigai author did this on social media and commented on one of my IG posts. It gave a feeling of familiarity and comfortability.


The above experience can be given to customers, and they will associate the ‘feeling of coming home when using your product. They can come up to you with improved communication and list their problems as they are comfortable with you. Also, as a marketeer, you will want this channel to remain open, as impeccable customer service is one of the reasons why customers are retained.


Also, the answering email need not always have to carry solutions. It could be anything quirky, congratulatory or one of the promotions. But, the thought behind answering counts and customers appreciate the mail. Further, it will keep the customers engaged throughout the year. Therefore, another strategy by which customers will be retained.


How To Maximise The Benefit From Email Marketing?

You have created an email marketing ad campaign that brings in the numbers. But the numbers are not progressing further. Stagnation can be the number one enemy in any business. So, to mitigate that, develop a lot of surveys and encourage your customers to be a part of it. In return, you will get an honest review of your business. By implementing that, you are satisfying the customer’s needs and gaining knowledge on the pulse of the customer. In addition, you will gain insight into current trends. That will help you plan your promotions better and instil new features that will give you a high ROI in the future. Also, an essential tool of Net Promoter Score will help gain the database of customers, and you will know the brand ambassadors( loyalists) of your products.


  • Sending Timely Campaigns

Do you know 58% of consumers open their mail in the morning? This is the first thing they do. The number is enormous, and you can use this to your advantage. Using the magic of technology, you can set your mail to land up in a customer’s inbox at that precise moment. This will help in bringing up the conversion rate of your product.


Also, as it has been mentioned time and again, creating a campaign for email marketing doesn’t need weeks and months. Anyone can complete it in a short period. Therefore, you can start your email marketing campaign in no time with the above two email marketing features.


  • Easy To Create And Measure

In the above section, we had said that it is easy to create. All you need is to jazz up the content with videos of products, incredible images and logos. But, you can use content, as massive conversion rates have happened because of that.


When we have created a great email campaign for our product, it is elementary to use email marketing software that can give us exact data on click-through and conversion rates. The errors are being rectified, helping make a better ad campaign in the future. Also, it is imperative to hit the jackpot with a few trial and error methods.


  • Improving Call To Action

Have you ever received a notification of an email to complete an order from Swiggy’s/Myntra/Flipkart’s website when you have products unpurchased on the cart? The above email is enticing you to take the necessary call of action. According to HubSpot, 59% of consumers make their purchasing decisions with the help of this technology. In addition, there is a 760% increase in revenue in compliance with this.


This exponential number reflects that once the consumer about the product makes a decision can be turned into a call of action by following up. This is increasing the sales as well as bringing in revenue.


  • Reaching More Email Subscribers

Swiggy is a service-based company that has cracked the email marketing game if the number of subscribers is to go. There is an onboard of subscribers which reaches upto 4 million; how do you think Swiggy has managed to carve out this much popularity? Is it because of its services? Yes, it is. But it also boils down to SEO generated content marketed through emails.


You have made a great product or given an out of the box service. But the value of anything can be determined when actual people are making a call to action. With the help of email marketing, consumers are clicking on the sites, which is generating traffic. Also, it is improving Google rankings. This will bring in more conversions.


  • Owning Your Media And Social Contacts

The Instagram owner decided that this social media is not bringing in any revenue and hence has suspended it. So, where will the list of your followers go? “Another brand”! But the significant slip up in this is that you will not have the contact list of your followers. So let’s say it will affect your business badly.


You can’t contact them; also, you have to build your network and connection from scratch. So, it is always advisable to have a subscribers list with their information on contacts.


We have talked about the benefits of email marketing and its sheer simple nature to develop it. But, as we had said before in the blog, the simple procedure can go haywire if not formulated correctly. Like it is said, the more professional it looks, the better impact it will have.


The Things To Avoid While Doing Email Marketing


  • Don’t spam people. If the mail hasn’t reached the right customer, there is a high probability your services will get unsubscribed.


  • The design of your mail should be accessible across all multiple devices and email providers. Also, make sure the image size is not too large, and there aren’t numerous images. As this will take time to load, and in most cases, consumers will lose their interest in mails.


  • If you don’t have the right skills to create a campaign, it is advisable to outsource the work as nothing screams more unprofessional than a tardy-looking mail.


Our Final Words Of Wisdom

The impactful content helps in recognising your brand as being a professional business. Also, the content created in the mail helps showcase your products in a better light. This is achieved in Buzz Creatix, where we provide killer content and suit it up with appropriate logos and therefore help in creating an impact. Also, the service does not end at this, and we cater our content to the targeted audience and deep dive into your business’s nuances. This will help us in delivering and bringing in numbers to you. So give us a call, and we will be happy to help!

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