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Why your business needs a company video?


Why your business needs a company video?


A customer or a client or an employee needs to know everything about the product or service – the advantages, the benefits and the disadvantages. Nowadays, customer and employee satisfaction is much more than that, they want to know everything about your product and YOU. All companies have an “About Us” section on their website, and most potential users just skim it to learn about the basic work your company does. They do not know that you have been in business for 20 years or that your company has a good reputation for customer satisfaction. These are the things you tell them in person. One of the most tactful ways to do this is to create a company video that will showcase you wherever you can.

Before you create a video, you need to know why your business needs a corporate video. Can it give me the results I want? Why should I invest in a video? To answer all your questions, here are some of the million reasons why you should create a corporate video:

Gives visibility, growth and accelerates marketing
Using a good corporate video at trade shows, marketing campaigns, or even employee onboarding puts you in the spotlight and shapes your image in people’s minds. It generates leads among customers and recognition among employees. Like the other marketing activities, this video is also an effective promotional tool and an educational tool. It draws attention to your hard work, discipline and work structure.

Inspires confidence in prospects
Prospects are unsure whether to believe you or not. They are skeptical about your sincerity. A video serves as a trust-building tool because it shows that you are transparent about the company and its offerings and that you want to connect with them. Nothing helps your audience identify and build a relationship with your company more than a strong corporate video. When people have confidence in you, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Conveys goals and better engagement
When you show your employees who you really are, they are more likely to work for you. Not only will this lead to better engagement, but it will also ensure that your goals are properly communicated to your customers. Implementing this type of technique will show that you stand out from the competition. Not only that, but if you post these videos on your social media outlets like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, people will be talking about you.

A corporate video is the new marketing tool for large corporations and businesses, giving a holistic view of their company’s vision and engaging people on an emotional level. Since we all know that a video message is more effective than a plain text message, the type of message you send with your videos affects your company’s sales and reputation in many ways.

Depending on what you want to convey to the specific target audience, you can choose from different types of corporate videos, such as introductory clips, explainer videos FAQ videos, trade show presentations, social media films, etc. Example:
You are a company that specializes in providing paints and chemicals, and there is an exhibition in your state where all the well-known distributors and manufacturers are participating. A simple PPT would bore everyone and be ignored. Now if you create a company video highlighting the following:
Capabilities – “We can produce 1000 color patches in two weeks” or “Our factory has all environmental permits”.
Customer testimonials – “We serve overseas, domestic and in-state customers.”
Message from CEO, management – “Our vision, our goal, our delivery style, etc.
Company’s journey – “History, legacy and who we are”
(To see what this might look like, click here).

So do not wait for people to ask questions about your company, show them the answers. Make a high quality corporate video and run it to see how it changes the whole perspective of your business.

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