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How to be successful in video marketing

How to be successful in video marketing

“Is it viral? No, not right now. But why is it taking so much time?”. When uploading the video and checking metrics, these thoughts do swim around in the minds of business owners. As video marketing content brings in 82% of the internet traffic, this strategy is being implemented in almost every business.


But if the chances are so huge in video marketing, then it should be tried by every other person. Also, the chances of being successful would be substantial. But realistically, it is not so. There are various tips and tricks which should be incorporated to gain significant conversions with the help of video marketing. So let’s dive further into this blog post to corroborate our thoughts, tips, and strategies on this form of marketing.


Why Is There A New Craze For Video Marketing? 

Videos have always surrounded the world. But, it hadn’t clicked in our mind to use that to our advantage till 2017. The concept of video marketing is soaring heights and by how much. A report on HubSpot has confirmed these findings, and it is observed that 50% of consumers would like to watch videos from brands. The numbers are exhilaratingly huge, and it is a bonanza for many businesses. It promises an increased conversion rate of 50%. Also, the word ‘video’ mentions increasing the open rate of emails by 19%. Imagine, your handwritten email content, which has remained unopened in the recipient’s inbox, will be opened by this word alone. 


The concept of video marketing has also changed the perspective of salespeople. They can connect with their customers and show the credibility behind the products with the help of various videos. Also, with the help of video, brands can showcase customer reviews. The videos also build in the content, showcasing FAQs and product mechanisms. Therefore, being a versatile tool for salespeople. Also, with the help of backend analytics, they can turn cold, unresponsive emails into engagements. These could be achieved by onboarding, knowledge-based videos, meeting the team videos, and supporting video calls and customer stories—these videos of small duration help push the customer towards a call of action.


The above theory could be backed by the analytics team of Facebook, where 93% of the business reportedly got new customers thanks to video marketing. The proofs are too hard to resist. Would you like to revert your strategy with us??


Incorporation Of Video Marketing Strategies

By the above numbers, we could ascertain the importance. But it is not harmful to give one more statistic to drive home the point. 1200% more shares are generated by videos. It is a large number, and it can be an asset in turning around the sales statistics of your business.


The best practices win the cake(clients). But, the work is cut out for you, and administering a few of the below ideas can give you a cutting edge in the market. So, let’s talk about video marketing strategies. 

  • The story is the critical content.

Imagine you are in a job interview, and the only thing you are interested in is the company’s money which they would be giving to you as a paycheck. Also, the only thing you would like to discuss is the perks you can get by being an employee. So, do you think you will bag that job? 


Not in a million years. You can avoid this situation by not acting upon the temptation of making a sales video. You are at the Attract stage. The main goal should be to bring out an emotion.


Let’s reverse the situation; when sitting through the interview, you would list out your achievements and the various experiences you have. Also, in the process, talk about how apt you would be for the job.


The chances of getting the job have just turned several notches higher. The video should tell a story that can be hilarious, entertaining, or even dramatic. An empathetic customer can turn into a lifelong customer. 

  • Short- to the point

According to some statistics, any viewer judges the content in 10 seconds. If it is liked beyond that much period, it will get viewed for the entire duration. So, it should be short and crisp. The goal of the video should be to manage the expectations from the outset. 


The video can achieve the attention span of viewers with hook lines. Also, the video should convey the value of the product. But, simultaneously, it should be answering the only question in the viewer’s mind, which is, ” why should I watch this?”

  • Amp up the entertainment quotient

Don’t you think you can put a point across by being open and humorous about it? If we take an example, standup shows of comedy are questioning the evil roots of society by their witty scripts. 


You don’t have to wage war, but you can surely improve your content by being funny. No one likes to see all the charts and graphs. The viewers hear that enough in 9 to 5 jobs. The only putoff in any industry is stiff and stoic in your advertisement. Thank you very much!!


If the content is written sporadically, it can reap results for the brand. Also, breaking the shackles of astuteness and being more open towards ideas will undoubtedly impact other areas of life. 


It is always said to build a business, you have to enjoy the process. 

  • SEO driven content

The whole aspect of video marketing is cooped up with SEO driven words. With descriptions, enthralled with the correct words, google spiders can locate your video. The concept behind SEO will help in getting featured in Google search pages. 


You can also embed the video on domain sites. The videos will help in getting inbound marketing links. Also, with the help of a video sitemap, you can organise your videos and descriptions.

  • Educate the customers 

The primary purpose of viewing any social media content is to educate or get entertained. But the measure of learners is shifting, and they would like to gain more knowledge in getting an education about products. So any business owner should grab this opportunity with both hands.


The owner can make a series of videos around the products. Also, the video can elaborate on various other tips, which can be extracting the best out of the products. It can also focus on the significance the development has brought into the lives of its customers. Like it has been said, build an emotion through stories.


Strategies To Adopt When Uploading In Various Social Media Platforms

The end product of your video can give a run for money to every other business. But video marketing needs to be done right. It has to cross the hoops of the video marketing funnel and has to fit within the practices of every social media network. 


Let’s take an example if you want to get more orders for your books. You can post customer reviews that acknowledge the qualities of texts. Furthermore, you can create a short video that mentions the three books you must read. Mention your book as one of them.


Let’s take one social media platform at a time and discuss the video marketing strategies:

  • Youtube

If we speak about users, YouTube is a jackpot filled with diamonds and rubies. It will help get you the views that every business owner dreams. But there is a catch,


  1. Can you make the content which is viewer specific? Or would you LIKE to watch that particular video?
  2. Do you want the viewers/ prospects to visit your website?

If both the answers are YES, then curate an educational video to help brand awareness campaigns. 


  1. Linkedin

This social media network is relatively new to the video marketing forum, but it matches the pace. However, it does come up with their dos and don’ts. 


Imagine your company is disrupting the market with its high tech mechanism. With the new feature of LinkedIn, the various videos you have made can be showcased in your connections.


With social media, people are always making videos of the places they are visiting. This strategy can be used in the benefit of video marketing. For example, upload a video of the event which your organisation has hosted. If you are a small startup, you can also incorporate a video of your events to promote the product. Furthermore, you can upload a video articulating the learnings and struggles behind doing this business.


  1. Twitter

Twitter is all about keeping short and sweet. So make the videos short and pinned at the top to gain more exposure. Also, Twitterati can create a customisable video targeted to a specific niche of viewers. The above video will help massive engagement and drive viewers to the landing pages.


  1. Instagram & Facebook 

Instagram has started the bandwagon of silent autoplaying video format, and it has changed the video marketing strategies for many. Many companies are using this hack to make various educational and how-to videos. Also, the correct timespan of videos brings sales to landing pages and garner views, thus creating a brand awareness program.


How To Construct A Flywheel Which Is Customised To Your Business Niche? 


Often, companies are in a hurry to provide a video on their landing page, but rarely does it synchronise with the product description. Also, the owners forget that to engage the audience, they need to ace up their video marketing strategies, and the count of video only remains one. In another scenario, the owner released a slew of videos. But it hardly nails the problems, or it is created just for the heck of it. The owners can customise their flywheel to avoid this, giving results via inbound methodology. 


The flywheel’s various aspects help create the proper video marketing funnel for the owners.

  • Attract


It is a proven concept that to build a product or a service, you have to evoke an emotion or make it entertaining. Remember, you are dealing with strangers over here. You have to keep them entertained and share a story. Also, the main objective is creating awareness and garnering shares, which will help you get more views on landing pages. Also, don’t try to talk too much about the product. Let the power of brand, vision and your personality do the talking. 

  • Convert


The primary task is now to convert the views into leads. The turning of ideas into leads means collecting personal information via forms. The unique information form elaborates email-ids and can be an excellent source for converting the views into leads.


Convert videos can be an amalgamation of product videos sent through mails, case studies and more-in depth explainer videos. 


This stage aims to educate about the product and make them excited enough to make a call of action.

  • Close


At this point, the lead in analysing the product’s significance and evaluating its worth. Over here, the owners have to make the kill. Any customer is willing to watch a demo video rather than read an article about it. Also, the video will leverage an emotion that an article never could. Then educate your customers through video testimonials, product know-how and product functionality. 


It is the most overlooked format by any owner. So be smart about it, and this can give you massive sales.

  • Delight


You have made the purchase. Congratulations! But your work has still not stopped. You have started the flywheel, but you have to keep that in motion. That means you have to make a repeat customer of them. Also, with the impeccable service, you will gain a lot of customers through word of mouth. Regularly providing videos will bring in extreme customer acquisition. It will not only roll the dice but also ace up the game,


Another stark idea is to build a compilation of videos articulating the product training videos. This feature will help the customers who are keen on DIY.

  • Metrics 


The above steps have shed light on making the videos and their importance. But the job is still not finished. Anything starts from getting registrations for your free service or brand awareness to achieve your primary goal. Then, tapping the metrics of the video can give a clear picture of the levels of engagement. The various metrics can be view count, click per rate, play rate, social comments and sharing, conversion rate, and bounce through rates. 


These measuring parameters check the relevancy of the content and match the right audience for the platform. You can also assess the videos that bring in maximum engagement with regular checking.


Also, the lifespan of every trend is like the lifespan of butterflies. So, the videos should always be updated on a regular basis. Meanwhile, you can add more videos to always make your brand relevant. 


Customise Video And Ace Up Your Business

Everyone wants to derive profits, and it could be credited to a bank account by incorporating small developments. These small developments in video marketing will boost your sales and make the business relevant. 

At Buzz Creatix, we strategize everything right from the flywheel to the video marketing funnel. Every strategy will be formulated and implemented according to the business niche, helping in bringing massive conversions to the table. Talk to our strategist and boost up your business. Together we can achieve new heights!!

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