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How to use video marketing for business growth: 4 key steps

How to use video marketing for business growth: 4 key steps

Video marketing is one of the best strategies for business growth in 2021. If you are not using video to market your company, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. The following four steps will help you get started on developing a basic outline for video marketing and lead creation.

1) Decide on the objective of your marketing campaign.

When it comes to campaign planning, you’ll require two inputs. Your objective and specific figures, as well as your budget

  • What’s your goal in numbers.For example how many customers you need per month.
  • Based on above answer reverse calculate the budget with the help of average CPC and Conversion rates.
  • Determine whether YouTube has the potential to be a lucrative platform for users or advertisers.
  • You can find this answer by checking youtube statistics on your industry keywords .
  • Once you have both inputs ready then you are able to plan for a video marketing campaign strategy.

It’s important that you decide what goal of your marketing campaign, because it will help with lead generation and youtube views as well as make sure that all content is relevant to your audience.


2) Determine the topics that your audience would find fascinating or valuable.

It’s important that youtube video topics and content is relevant and targeted to your audience.

Make a list of the problems that your potential consumers have expressed in reviews and testimonials on other YouTube videos.Analyze their social media presence and postings. That might provide you with a few hints.

If needed interview people in person about their business problems and how they go through it.

Determine the main topics for each of the four stages in your marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Action. This will give you a starting point for your Marketing Funnel.

3) Decide the format (live action, animated, whiteboard), look for inspiration on Youtube or it can also be made from scratch.

Assess the resources you have at your disposal, and which format will suit your youtube video marketing campaign.

Don’t limit yourself to one particular style of youtube videos since each type has its own appeal for different people .

Do some market research on what’s trending on youtube before taking any decision.

For example, you may need a brief ad to get the audience to download your free eBook at the awareness stage. A short brand video and a Product video might be required at the consideration stage.

Make a decision on the video format for each item on your list from the previous step.

4) How would you promote those videos?

You now have your Goals clear.You have the topics and a basic marketing funnel framework and you have listed down the types and formats of the video.

Next is how you going to generate leads with that video content.You can do this with Youtube Video SEO and Paid advertising.

You can target specific keywords related to your industry or business problems which will give you targeted audience at lower CPC than broad match.

Start by promoting videos individually and track engagement and conversions for each campaign so that it may be possible to improve future campaigns through A/B testing. When determining how much budget should go into this phase, start low — don’t commit all of it until you see real results from one or two channels (and their respective strategies). For example: If you want 500 youtube views on a video, try to go for it from one channel/platform.

Don’t forget to include tags with your video as well so that people can find them easily through youtube searches .

Also don’t neglect description of youtube videos since descriptions are parsed by google for ranking purposes.So work on description thoroughly just like you would do the article before publishing it online .

Create a powerful title for your YouTube video using compelling words. Engagement on compelling youtube titles increases.

Youtube SEO Tips: On youtube the best way to do that is by optimising your content for relevant keywords, tags, metadata, titles etc. You can also promote those videos on Facebook or Instagram which should be linked in description box of youtube video so that they link automatically when shared on social media platform.Be consistent about promoting them through other platforms such as email newsletter too .

So there you have it!

Now that you know what makes a video marketing funnel effective and how important it is, feel free to get in touch with us if you need expert assistance in putting together your entire video marketing funnel.

We have a PRO crew that can help you develop a strategy, write content, produce videos, and set up technical tools for your funnel.


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