Tips To Shoot a High Quality Product Demo Video

Tips for Creating a Free Product Video

Tips for Creating a Free Product Video

Product Videos will always outperform visual images and text when it comes to explaining something. Your audience would rather look at moving images, in video form, than read through paragraphs on a screen. Videos are one of the most engaging and interactive ways to communicate, allowing you to demonstrate a specific product or service in real-time. Their popularity won’t be of surprise to most people; there’s nothing better than being able to see how something is done – rather than reading instructions written by someone who is not a real person. When most people want to learn about a product, the first thing that comes to their mind is reading the instructions booklet. This is relatively quick, but not very effective. That’s why more and more companies are starting to use video tutorials as an effective way to provide better service and more satisfaction. Look at some tips that will help you to make free product videos effectively.

Select the right tools

Use proper microphones. Here’s a common scenario: An entrepreneur or agency owner wants to record screencasts regularly to help their audience learn more about their industry and how they can start taking action through videos. In this situation, it’s a good idea to purchase a USB microphone rather than using your computer’s built-in microphone. Using the built-in microphone often results in a muffled sound, which is not very pleasant for your viewers.

Choose the right recording Location

One of the less talked about elements that will positively affect your production quality is the space in which you record. The space should ideally be well lit, acoustically treated, distraction-free, and most of all comfortable to you. You don’t want to be spending ages editing out other people, cars, and mobile phones in the background. Preparation is key. If you think you will be recording your screen, use headphones and put any confidential information away. And if you aren’t sure, spend 10 minutes checking it out before you record.

Keep tasks easy and precise

If you make a plan before shooting, it helps you to stay focused and clear. Start with stating the purpose of the video. Make sure your audience understands immediately what you are going to talk about. Follow up with the steps required to achieve the goal. Your steps should be logical, and any information not essential to the completion of the task should be left out. Just like you would jot down a few notes before calling a friend, video content isn’t any different. If you write down the plan for a video before shooting, it helps you to stay focused and clear.

Focus on post-production

Don’t hesitate to add any elements that will make viewing easier and more enjoyable. Most video editing software products provide effects that can make your product video more visually attractive. One of the most important ways to make your product video visually engaging is to add annotations, chapters, and closed captions. Annotations and chapters are both visual elements that let viewers jump to specific parts of the video. Closed captions are textual elements that are automatically displayed at the bottom of your viewer’s screen. This lets hearing-impaired users access information that those around them can hear but cannot.

If you’ve invested in a video, you’re thinking to yourself: “How am I going to make sure it is successful?” That’s where Buzz Creatix comes in. For a company like yours, a professionally-produced video is not only necessary but can be a game-changer if done right. At Buzz Creatix we take the time to understand your business and produce impactful videos. We do this by creating an individualized plan for you that considers your business objectives and your marketing goals.

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