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Product Videos for Marketing: How to use the Right Type of Video

Product Videos for Marketing: How to use the Right Type of Video

Product Videos for marketing are a very powerful way to increase your business sales. In some cases, it can be even more effective than written content. It’s hard for someone to ignore an engaging video. And with the rise of social networks and online video platforms, this form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. But are you aware of how to make a proper product video? The easy answer is: You need someone who knows how to create one.

Well-made videos can make or break your marketing campaign and business as a whole. This is why finding the right type of video to use is so important. An engaging piece of content will inform, persuade, and motivate viewers to take the next step.

Some of the Types of Product Videos for Marketing

The right type of product video can make a lot of difference when it comes to your sales. However, for many companies, finding this ‘’right” type is tougher than it should be. There are already a handful of popular formats out there that have gained favor over the past few years when it comes to product videos. The downside with these formats is that they may not necessarily be “right” for every company or product. But with a bit of experimentation, you and your viewers will start to find some common ground.

  • Motion Graphics Videos

A great way to reach your intended audience and understandably explain complex information is through the use of motion graphics. You can easily communicate with your target audience using animation to grab hold of their attention. A combination of image, audio, and video can help you simplify difficult concepts without losing your intended audience. A motion graphic video typically involves digital footage, 3D animations, and special effects to showcase the features of a product in great detail. The idea here is to entice your viewer with slick visuals and create the illusion of real-time movement. Professional video production companies achieve some stunning effects with animated videos. They use movements to highlight part of a larger whole or to create separate sections that respond to different actions. Motion graphics videos take some serious skill to produce, and this brings with it a concomitant price.

  • Live-action Videos

The live-action video format has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Nearly 50% of businesses that use video rank it as their top marketing investment. And why wouldn’t they? Live-action content is great for helping consumers learn how to use something or introducing them to new products. Live-action videos are one of the most engaging kinds of content you can create for your business. Though they may require a big upfront investment and a little expertise to create, they’re also some of the most effective types of videos you can use to boost your conversion rates. If you’re able to put together a live-action video that catches the attention of viewers and drives them to your site, there’s a huge chance they’ll become customers with engagement.

  • Character Animation Videos

Have you ever seen an animation video and thought to yourself, “I could have done that.” Well, you probably could have. But the problem in creating this format is that there are a lot more detail-oriented aspects. For example: storyboarding, 3D modeling, and even stock visuals. Character animation videos are strikingly pleasing formats to showcase the skills of a business. They allow you to narrate an engaging story that’s relevant to your audience. Introducing an element of fun can do wonders in lifting the spirits of an otherwise dreary audience, so make sure you capitalize on that when it comes to your business. This is why the style of video production requires a professional team to keep you at the top of the game. 

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos

At least once or twice this year, you’ve probably seen a whiteboard video and thought, Wow that’s so great — I wish someone would make one for my business. At times maybe you’ve watched creative videos for other industries and thought the same thing!

And the good news is, today, anyone with a little bit of marketing know-how can create a whiteboard video that helps promote their business in an incredibly unique way. Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective types of marketing videos. Especially, when it comes to the early stages of the buyer’s journey. When we want to share complicated concepts, it can be much easier to communicate them using a format that everybody can understand. And one such format is through a whiteboard animated video.

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