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Our Top 5 Video Marketing Tools

Our Top 5 Video Marketing Tools

Are you up to promoting your brand through digital video marketing? If yes, it would be a smart move, as it is one of the most popular methods for brand promotion, including dominance throughout social media platforms. Apart from being a medium to display your material, they are a powerful tool for influencing and educating customers and increasing sales and traffic.


According to recent trends, more than 80% of the internet traffic is drawn by video content. It is overtaking traditional marketing’s efficiency, gaining massive popularity in every industry. However, for great marketing, you will need great tools. Hence, we have put down 5 video marketing tools to make your task more efficient and effective, leading to a more successful business.


  1. Powtoon – Video Creator


Powtoon is a video creating software used to generate official presentations and other video content quickly. The tool majorly benefits fields of human resources, marketing, IT, etc., to capture, explain and engage the other party. Not only official but also Powtoon can be used for personal projects and educational purposes.


We, at Buzz Creatix, focus on videos from corporate films, product videos to case study videos, explainer videos, and many more. Powtoon has proven to be an excellent boon for utilising engaging video content to reach specified goals at crucial points inside our marketing funnel.



  • The tool is more effective for presentations, allowing you to interact and sell your content in an improvised manner.
  • Everything is available here, from personalisation video marketing tools to search and data import and export.
  • The features are inclusive of image library, screen share mode, offline presentation, and such in the editor called WYSIWYG.
  • Other features include two-step authentication, drag-drop, project planning, content management, editing, communication management, and video management.



  1. Wistia – Hosting with analytics.

Moving ahead, the next video marketing tool is Wistia, a video software platform for sectors and organisations that offer video services. Wistia is a helpful tool for marketing platforms that enables video customisation, lead management, and SEO for video.


This software is packed with innovative concepts and capabilities that help users create better marketing videos. In addition, it is business-oriented and assists in expanding companies in raising brand recognition and performance, analysing data, and tracking the performance. In a nutshell, Wistia being a hosting and analytics platform is one of the core reasons for our secure and stable spaces. Storing the data in the servers allows easy access and maintenance by our users. We recommend the tool for businesses that helps emerging firms raise brand awareness and reach their target audiences.



  • The tool provides well-advanced video analytics, lead creation tools, and easy sharing and embedding options.
  • It produces videos in a matter of minutes.
  • It also benefits HD bandwidth detection, A/B testing, cross-device interoperability, and collaboration.
  • Heat maps for videos, viewing trends, SEO, CTA tools, and so on are available.
  • It provides step-by-step instructions to help you better comprehend marketing films.



  1. Vimeo- Hosting with analytic

Vimeo is another platform that provides distribution and collaboration, allowing you to personalise your film. The video marketing tool benefits you in knowing who and where is watching the videos you post and the time they watch them. In addition, the tool helps with inviting other members (up to 10 members) of your team to create and collaborate with you.


The best part of Vimeo that has helped us save our time is its ad-free player, which is the easiest and quickest to embed. Moreover, it is highly customisable, which can be a great help for businesses like ours.



  • Top-quality live streaming
  • Collaboration and post-production are easy.
  • Good storage and management help you organise, manage, and share your videos more easily.
  • The privacy options let you decide who can or cannot view your videos.
  • The tool lets you watch videos offline.
  • There doesn’t occur any disturbance of ads before, during, or after the video.
  • It lets you set geo level limitations and domains to limit views.
  • The other key features involve email marketing, call to action, global distribution, social sharing, advanced data, cloud transcoding, and customer support.



  1. Unbounce – landing page creator

Unbounce is a tool you will need to build and publish landing pages without needing a developer. This platform combines with machine intelligence to help you turn. The tool has a simple drag and drop concept, having a quicker way to increase the number of conversations from the generated traffic. Furthermore, it is the fastest approach for small businesses to gain confidence in online marketing, increase relevance, and boost conversion rates.


There are specific approaches in marketing that change the whole game for good. Unbounce, beyond any doubt, is one such tool used by us at Buzz Creatix that made developing and measuring landing pages easy with its unique templates, gaining us more converted leads.



  • Helps in easy designing of mobile-optimised, high-converting campaigns in less time.
  • In no time you can expand and remix on-brand content for everything from landing sites to advertising and emails.
  • It results in a 30% increase in the conversion rates on an average by sending the best landing pages to the visitors automatically.
  • Its AI features increase the conversation breeze.
  • The free trial gives you access to solutions such as smart copy, smart builder, smart traffic, and many more.
  • The optimised page sections may be mixed and merged to create your perfect conversion-focused landing page.
  • The design assistant assists you by recommending attractive templates tailored to the specific industry and audience.



  1. Hootsuite– Scheduler

The last tool on the list is Hootsuite, a social media management application. It majorly covers practically every facet of the function of a social media manager. Users may accomplish anything from curating cool material and scheduling articles, to managing team members and calculating ROI using just one platform.


Hootsuite made managing engagement, performance reporting and social media reporting simple for us. It is highly recommended that businesses plan and schedule posts on different social media platforms.



  • The tool enables you to create fresh posts and schedule them across various social networks simultaneously.
  • It looks after the social media channels and messages.
  • You can interact in real-time, view forthcoming content, and design effective campaigns.
  • A single stream enables you to connect with users from many networks. You may respond to questions, boost good responses, and share notes with coworkers in a single click.
  • Create personalised reports that highlight the influence on your brand and bottom line by measuring your performance across all of your social networks.


Final Words

Making the final call entails much more than simply weighing the pros and cons of the various alternatives. It would be best if you were particular about the program you require. As you may have realised, the majority of these solutions have some of the basic features in common. However, keep in mind that each video marketing tool has capabilities that make it unique from others.


Furthermore, if you still have an arising question about how to be successful in video marketing, we at Buzz Creatix are here to guide you throughout. There are practical steps to help you improve and promote your content; you will know once you connect with us.

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