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How We Can Help You With Our Video Production Services?

How We Can Help You With Our Video Production Services?


No matter the size of your business, having videos on your website or social media profiles can be one of the most effective ways to advertise your product or service and engage with your customers.


Videos can be a fantastic tool to connect with current customers, introduce new products and services, or tell your company’s story to people who don’t know it yet. But producing a good video can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you want something that will go viral on the internet.


Like most business owners, you have limited time and resources to spend on video production. And if you’re like most business owners, you’re discovering that while social media can help your brand grow, it isn’t helping with your lead generation efforts.


That’s where we come in! We can create content that will generate leads and sales for your business with our video production services. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a professional Video Production Company.


Why Should You Hire a Professional Video Production Company?


●      Save Time

Before you spend countless hours planning, creating, and filming your video, even if you can even manage to pull it off, consider hiring someone specialising in video production services.


Video production companies have access to high-quality equipment and professionals who know how to use it. As a result, they’ll have no problem filming an exciting and attention-grabbing video for your business.


Plus, they know what makes videos viral, which is critical if you want your video to reach and engage more people. In short: Save time by letting someone else take care of all of that pesky stuff for you! No one likes watching boring videos with lousy production value.


  • Increase Brand Awareness

Video is a hot topic. With so many media outlets and video platforms vying for your attention, it’s natural to wonder what makes video special. But once you start thinking about it, it’s clear that there are numerous benefits of video for business owners.


According to statistics, average people see an average of 5000 ads every day. With so much information flooding our senses and vying for our attention, it can be challenging to break through. Using video as a marketing tool is one way to stand out from your competitors and boost brand awareness. According to Hubspot, 44% of B2B marketers use video for marketing, and studies have shown that video can increase sales by 80%. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell homes or hire employees—video helps businesses succeed in today’s crowded marketplace. In much the same way, businesses use videos to extend their existing marketing strategies. And just like those tools, video has specific uses, some of which might not be immediately obvious.


To put it simply: Not all videos are created equal! Businesses can use two primary types of video content: informational videos and promotional videos. Both have their place, but only one will work best for your business at any given time. Professional Video production services aren’t just good for creating short ads, and they produce great informational content!


●      Focus on Doing Business

When you’re thinking about doing business with someone, it can be tempting to focus on things like their video production services. After all, that’s what your project will involve. But ultimately, your main goal as a client is to get results, and you need to make sure that your video production company focuses on doing just that.


That might mean shifting some of their attention away from helping you create your next marketing campaign and making sure they work efficiently with their camera operators, lighting technicians, and sound editors. If those people aren’t communicating well or have never worked together before, expect delays and expenses to pile up quickly.


●      Quality and Brand Image


In today’s world, videos are considered more professional than anything else. However, there is no doubt that videos leave an impact on your audience, and with over 80% of web traffic coming from video and social media, it is safe to say that your audience will be impressed by what they see.


However, it takes skilled talent, years of experience, and creativity to produce videos as beautiful as yours. The success of any business or brand relies heavily on its image, and you can leverage our company’s years of experience to get it done right every time. Ideally, video production services should deliver results that are catchy, engaging, and add value to your overall brand image.


●    Get more customer engagement.

With video, customers feel more engaged with your brand. This concept is especially true if they can easily access your video content via social media, where they prefer to spend most of their online time. According to a 2017 survey, 89% of marketers use video in some way or another in their marketing efforts.


To ensure you’re reaching as many customers as possible, it’s worth investing in top-quality professional video production services that provide your business with engaging content for traditional and digital channels.


●   Don’t Worry About Formatting.

Formatting is not what makes you look professional. A video production company will take care of all of that. Professionalism comes from communicating with your audience and presenting yourself as an expert on a subject. That’s where your focus should be when writing any piece.


The goal is to connect with viewers authentically so they can find value in what you have to say. It has nothing to do with formatting or perfect grammar or sentence structure; it has everything to do with simply being yourself and communicating as people would in real life; make sure your first date doesn’t end as one writer did.


How We Help Our Clients With Video Production Services?


  • A free consultation


Before we get started, let’s discuss your objectives. I’ll ask some questions about your expectations, goals, and budget. You can also tell me any technical details about where or how you want to use the final video. We’ll look at examples of my previous work. Or we can talk about a particular project you have in mind and create an estimate based on that.


Whatever works best for you! We will then sign a contract and arrange an exact start date based on your availability if everything is clear. If not, we can postpone signing until it is clear what both of us are going to do together, at which point we will put things down in writing with a signed contract between us, including cost estimates and payment schedules if applicable.


●      We come up with a video concept based on your needs.

No matter how simple or complex your business is, we’ll develop a creative concept that will inspire your audience. For example, we work with many small businesses that don’t know what an excellent promotional video is.


Our job is to give them a great idea of what their video should look like to effectively sell their product or service. Our team creates not only concepts but also storyboards and shot lists. They also create rough drafts so that our clients can provide feedback before we produce their final film. This idea helps save time and money while ensuring they get what they want.


●      We either film on location or use stock footage

If your business sells a product or service that can be visually displayed, such as an app or software, we will come to film it. We use either a steady cam or handheld rig, depending on what looks best.


If your company does not sell a tangible product and you want us to film at your office or event space, we’ll need stock footage of that location. Sometimes it’s easier to purchase some footage instead of travelling there multiple times. It all depends on what looks best and fits into your budget. We produce high-quality videos; This is one of our specialities.


Our goal is to make sure every video we have leaves viewers with a lasting impression of your brand. We take pride in producing quality content that gets results and makes an impact. If you check out any of our work online, you’ll see how much time goes into each project. We don’t settle for anything less than excellent!


●      We show the storyboard before filming begins.

We are using modern technology to streamline and organise our video production process. We believe in open communication between ourselves and our clients, so we like to show our storyboard before we start filming. We want everyone on board with what’s going on throughout filming; that way, everyone is happy when it comes time for final edits.


This process also gives us a chance to make any necessary changes before moving forward with filming. We all must know what will happen during filming because there is no turning back once the shooting begins! If something happens on a set, such as an equipment malfunction, we have to roll with it. Our crew is always prepared for anything and can handle just about anything thrown at them! Your ad will be up and running the next thing you know without a hitch.


Filming Is Complete; What Next?

It’s no secret that making a film is hard work. However, work doesn’t end after shooting. You still have to edit, apply colour correction, and create graphics and animations in post-production. On top of all that, there are other vital steps involved in completing your project like music composition, mixing and sound design, screenwriting if needed, and marketing and distribution.


Our editing skills will bring your vision to life.

From scriptwriting and pre-production work to filming, editing, and final delivery of your commercial, we’ll put our skills, creativity, and experience to work for you. We always shoot in high definition with different cameras depending on what is needed. Our videographers are:

  • Highly trained professionals with extensive experience in filmmaking.
  • Editing who will take care of all aspects of video production services on your behalf.

We use professional equipment from lenses, tripods, and microphones to editing software such as Final Cut Pro 7. In post-production, we can add music, sound effects, or voice overs if required – there is no limit to what we can do! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to help.


Post-production takes time, so be patient!

There’s no question about it; video production can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean that your finished product has to be anything less than stellar. On the contrary, we recommend doing as much pre-production planning as possible, which should go a long way toward ensuring that your shoot goes smoothly and is ready for post-production.


The more thought and effort you put into pre-production, and even getting in front of a camera if possible, will ensure that your post-process goes quickly. This process is good news because it means a faster turnaround time on your finished project and can save you money in unexpected ways.


For example, by having your script locked down before going into production, you won’t have to pay a lot of overtime during editing. Also, having all necessary assets prepared before filming begins, such as graphics or B-roll, your editor won’t have to spend an extra hour just trying to get those files loaded onto their computer.


And finally, by having all necessary scripts and graphics prepared before shooting begins, you won’t waste any time during shooting trying to get them finalised or approved. All these things add up!


The Results! And How To Leverage Them Effectively.

So, we delivered your excellent video. You pressed publish and anxiously waited for views. In a week or two, maybe even three. You received no response. Time passes, and your excitement has settled into frustration as you wonder why your audience doesn’t respond better to your content marketing efforts.


In this step, many marketers give up. They don’t realise that results are not always immediate. Here are some tips to get results from your videos: Make sure your website is mobile optimised. Most people watch online videos on their smartphones or tablets these days.


If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll move on to another site. Make sure it’s easy for them to see what they want by optimising your site, so it works well on mobile devices.


Take some time to research which sites can handle your videos. YouTube is one of the biggest hosting sites for videos on the internet, but if you don’t want to host your videos on Youtube, make sure that you have enough bandwidth and storage space available.


You’re going to experience poor quality with large buffers or audio delays. Not good! If you are using your server as your video host, make sure that they have enough room on their servers to hold all of your content without slowing down their network.


Why Opt Buzz Creatix For Your Video Project?

Buzz Creatix offers a full range of video production services from pre-production to post-production and delivery. We pride ourselves on getting it right, but more importantly, helping each client find a solution for their specific needs.


By partnering closely with each client, we can create just what they need: an entertaining promotional video, brutal instructional video, or compelling story about your business. Whatever your needs may be, Buzz Creatix can provide high-quality video that will take your marketing campaign to a whole new level!

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