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How To Make Good Product Demo Slides for your Video

How To Make Good Product Demo Slides for your Video

An important part of making a great product demo video is by designing an effective slide deck. One of the biggest challenges product teams face when recording a demo to share with others is combining a great presentation with multifaceted features. And if you’ve ever tried to design PowerPoint slides on your own, you know it can quickly lead to failures in the process that waste a lot of time and money. Choosing the right slides to convey your message can take weeks. However, one of the secrets to a good PowerPoint design is ensuring it loops back to the core messaging of your video and overall message. Let’s dive deep into some of the ways through which we could make good product demo slides:

Work on Visual Hierarchy

What is visual hierarchy? Visual hierarchy or the pyramidal structure is an arrangement of elements in a way that implies importance. You can influence how an audience perceives what they see with contrast. The theory of visual hierarchy helps you define the structure of your design slides in the video. Good visual hierarchy assures that the right elements are catching your attention, the necessary parts aren’t being diminished, and vice versa. Visual hierarchy is one of the most basic design principles that improve the overall user experience on your product demo slides. It’s not just important to design slides with a purpose, it’s also important we take into account how they look. Visual hierarchy helps the audience to understand the slides in the video. It is all about creating the correct arrangement of charts and tables so that the reader can find what they need the most easily. This will also add value to your reports, statistical analysis, or any kind of content that you make for your audience.

Use Effective Typography

With all the amazing visuals you can use to make your demo slides a visual delight, you may wonder why we are discussing the role of typography. Well, we can’t discuss how to design product slides without talking about type. The right choice of typography goes a long way. It can improve the design of your slides. Traditional font choices are often the best to use in the video. Many people are skeptical about using fonts other than Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana in their presentations. These three fonts are available on all operating systems and they’re safe to use in your demo slides. But use them carefully and sparingly because changing up your font choice can improve your product video.

Use right Colors

Color is an essential part of the design, especially in the slide world. It’s used for both adding visual appeal and for guiding your audience. It is the most visible part of your product demo slides. It subconsciously captures the audience’s attention, affects its overall perception, and even affects the mood. Colors help to express a feeling and convey an idea. To achieve a good impact in a video, you will need to understand the basics. You want the design of your slide to look professional, but that’s only half of the battle. The colors you choose depend a lot on the context – what others will think when they watch your product video. For instance, you can use bright and random color combinations for fun and informal talk. When designing a presentation or a slide deck, you’ll find that it’s easier to stick to the colors of your product. This is because color choices are one of the elements that make up your brand.

Apply Transitions and Animations

Your demo slides should be functional for the product video. These slides are often the first impression. A good slide should have the right amount of visuals, descriptive text, and other elements in your design. When thinking about how to design a video slide, you might consider animations. Transitions are often added to design elements for making the video more appealing. This can make the difference between good and bad product demo slides. Transitions can be a great addition to your design elements. However, it is easy to overdo it. It can distract your audience. A good rule is that about 80% of slides don’t need any transitions or animations. They are fun and you can use them well if you remember the key rule: Less is more!

Product demo slides have the potential to take your video to a whole new level. It all starts with a powerful idea and the right team who can bring that idea to life. At Buzz Creatix, we understand what makes a video go viral and how to create an impactful video for any product out there. We develop such videos that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. You can contact us for any queries and get in touch with us through various modes of communication described on our website.

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