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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate With Video Marketing?

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate With Video Marketing?

Video marketing has become one of the most popular forms of content marketing today because it generates more leads and revenue than most other forms of content marketing. Over 50% of marketers use video in their marketing strategy, and over 90% say they will continue to do so. According to Insivia, Video also gets shared up to 2 times more often than text, images, or other forms of content. You can use video to educate your audience, persuade them to purchase your product or service, entertain them, and gain customer loyalty through entertainment. However, not everyone knows how to use this incredible marketing tool to its full potential, so if you are planning to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, here are some tips on how to increase your conversion rate with video marketing.

Tips On Increasing Your Conversion Rate With Video Marketing

  1. Create content that conveys a message

One of the easiest ways to increase conversion rate is by creating relevant, informative content that conveys a message. It can be as simple as writing out and publishing a list of your top 10 tips for increasing conversions on your website or sharing an infographic detailing how you’ve used video marketing to grow your business. The key here is that you’re providing value; this isn’t advertising disguised as useful information! Video can also help you convey information engagingly. If you have videos on YouTube, make sure they link back to relevant pages on your site where people can learn more about what you do and how they can get involved.

  1. Create Personal Connections

There are reasons brands like Coke, Pepsi, and McDonald’s spend millions on advertising: They know it works. According to SEMrush, 91% of consumers say they earned trust from media like word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends over advertising. Video can help you make that connection in ways a written post never could. Instead of simply telling people what you do and hoping they listen, explain why it matters and answer their questions. That’s especially important when dealing with emotional topics like social change, and as new platforms emerge, companies will need to adjust their strategy and content.

  1. Increase conversion rate by giving value

You’re doing a lot more than just boosting your sales when you give value. You’re also creating loyal fans who are willing to listen when you have something to say. If they like what they hear, they may even become repeat customers and recommend you and your products to others. When people come to one of your landing pages that don’t involve a valuable video or ebook offer (or something else similarly valuable), they wonder why they didn’t get what they expected. If you’re still thinking about How to be successful in Video Marketing and don’t know where to start creating valuable content, check out tools like Fb ad library and Adspy. Here you can find your competitors’ strategies for increasing their conversion rate with video marketing.

  1. Video on landing pages

Sites like YouTube and Vimeo have made it easier for entrepreneurs to showcase their products in video format. A well-crafted 30-second clip is an easy way to capture visitors’ attention and convince them that you’re credible. However, there are still some rules of thumb when creating landing page videos:

  1. Make sure they’re short (under 60 seconds).
  2. Include clear calls to action.
  3. Keep things relevant.

For example, if you sell cupcakes online, don’t show footage of a birthday party; it doesn’t directly relate to what you do. Instead, talk about how delicious your cupcakes are or show how customers can order from your website.

  1. Video at the beginning of content

You need to know about using video in content and where it can fit. Video is just one of many tools that help make content more engaging. You may have heard that content is king, but visuals are what makes viewers want to read or watch more, and they’re part of any strategy for grabbing viewer attention at first glance. Visuals can include videos, infographics, images, and illustrations. Using relevant visual elements engagingly and starting them early can help grab viewers’ attention when they browse a page on their phone or desktop computer.

  1. Video as a thank you gift

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of TLC. A recent Google study found that users who watch a company’s YouTube video about their business experience are 40% more likely to convert on a call-to-action. When you thank someone for contacting you, it shows them that you care about what they have to say. Plus, a recent report by Cisco shows that half of all Internet traffic will come from videos by 2023; including videos with a thank you message in your content strategy can also increase the conversion rate with video marketing.

  1. Video as an upsell tool

Customers love video. Studies show that people prefer watching a video over reading text, but they’re more likely to engage and convert to branded videos. Humans have evolved to react quickly and deeply to visuals; our brains are wired for visual processing. So if you want to get ahead of your competitors and boost your sales, try adding some videos to your next campaign! Here are some ways to use video as an upsell tool.  

  • Have your customers watch a product tutorial or demonstration before making their purchase decision. It will help them feel confident in their choice, and it can even encourage those who were still on the fence about buying to take action.
  • Include how-to videos in your video marketing campaign showcasing how easy it is to accomplish a specific task using your products or services.
  • Showcase customer testimonials by creating a series of short clips featuring different users talking about how much they enjoy using your products/services.
  • Create longer-form content by posting weekly webisodes on YouTube that provide helpful tips and tricks related to your business.
  • Use live video streaming apps such as Facebook Live to offer behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at new products, events, etc.
  1. Video as social proof

Demonstrating social proof is an excellent way to boost conversions, especially for businesses selling products or services. You provide evidence that what you’re offering is worth someone’s time and money with social proof. Using several tools, including testimonials, third-party reviews, and logos of popular organizations endorsing your brand, can do so. Video testimonials are particularly effective because they allow viewers to see who they hear from and even listen to conversations between reviewers and their friends or family members. Video reviews are also powerful because they give viewers firsthand accounts of how others have experienced your product or service. In addition, seeing these videos on your website gives potential customers another reason to stay on your site longer, ultimately increasing the conversion rate with video marketing strategy massively.

Words Of Wisdom

Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to reach customers. After all, if you’re busy, or distracted by something else, what’s easier than skipping right over a long-winded sales pitch? Instead, why not show potential customers how you do business and just let them experience it firsthand? With some well-placed videos on your website and YouTube channel, you can get those would-be customers curious about what sets you apart from other companies in your industry. This is where Buzz Creatix can help you out.

We have an entire team dedicated to creating professional videos optimized for our clients’ search engines and social media sites. We know exactly which types of videos work best for each platform, so rest assured that when you hire us, your content will be seen by as many people as possible, and will convert into more traffic and leads. We work closely with clients throughout every step of production to ensure that their message comes across clearly and that they love their final product! Don’t be late. Increase the conversion rate of your product by using stunning converting videos.

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