How to increase Sales with Product Demonstration Videos

How to increase Sales with Product Demonstration Videos

You have this great product that you want to sell. You will price it, come up with a niche for it, and do your research into what people are searching for, so they can find your product. But after this, how will you showcase your product in a way that not only is descriptive but also sells its worth? That’s where product demonstration comes in handy because showing is always better than telling, especially for products and services. Product demonstrations videos are short, sweet, and can increase conversion rates significantly. 

Product demonstration videos help customers to know about the functioning and usage of your product. It shows all the problems that your product solves, its features, and addresses concerns that might stop people from buying it. Product videos can be short demonstrations (2 minutes) or long explainer videos (10-20 minutes).

Product Demonstration: A Key to Successful Selling

Product demonstration videos are one of the most effective ways to show how your product solves a common problem. It’s an evergreen technique that will prove its worth for many years to come. It is particularly true for e-commerce product videos that are created to sell an item or service online. You can also increase conversions by adding a what-to-do demonstration after the short product demonstration. Product demo videos are essential for selling practically any product online. That’s why you should consider creating one of your own if you haven’t done it yet. This way, people can learn more about the product they are interested in. Some of the key benefits of Product Demonstration are:


  • They are planned according to a fixed budget.
  • Demos can help you build your customer base and brand name.
  • The practical advantage of having a demo video on your website can be immediate and dramatic.
  • If your product is complex, showing it on video can cut a significant amount of time that customers will take to figure out how it works.
  • It’s much easier for the customer to tell their friends about your product if they have seen it.
  • You can’t use a video to sell your product. Its value comes only from demonstrating it.
  •  A well-designed video can encourage your customers to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Product Demos helps the company’s website become more user-friendly.

How to make a perfect product Demonstration?

By Researching on Target Audience

To make a good product demo video, the first thing to do is thorough research of your target audience. Ask questions, learn more about preferences and interests, look at the data from the analytics, and analyze the statistics from social networks. How do your customers communicate with you? What problems do they have? What is the level of their loyalty to your brand? All these factors need to be cleared and known.

Setting the right budget

The costs of shooting a product demo can turn out to be extremely high if you don’t know the subtleties of this type of video or have someone in your team who can go one step beyond. This is why it’s so important to plan everything and set a budget for it.


Getting your script ready

Some entrepreneurs believe they can just start shooting their product demo easily but it’s not the case. The videos might look great, but if the story is not good, they can’t be effective in building sales. You need to prepare an outline before the day of the shoot. The script needs to be ready and revised before moving ahead for creation.


Keeping the content short

Productive and engaging product demos can educate and help your customers make a decision. Poorly produced, boring, and long product demos will drive away most of your audience. Try to keep your videos as short as possible by putting a lot of emphasis on planning and scripting.


By giving a Clear Message

With any marketing effort, especially video marketing the main thing you need to keep in mind is the transmission of your marketing message. It’s not only necessary but also effective to present your product in the video. This will allow you to show its main advantages. If what you sell is more complicated than just a hat or a pair of jeans, try to explain why people would want it and how it could change their lives. Be clear with the idea behind your product and how it is better and different.


Adding CTA

CTA is the most important aspect of your demo videos. A product demonstration helps explain the features and benefits of your product or service. The purpose of a product demo is to drive engagement and convince users to test or buy your product. Therefore your customers need to know the next step with the help of CTA.

As you can see, product demonstration videos are a fantastic way to show how your products work, and if executed correctly, they can be effective for driving sales. But it’s easier said than done. Producing quality video content takes careful planning and skillful execution; if you rush the job or otherwise fail in your efforts, the results will likely be mediocre at best. It’s important to work with skilled professionals like our team at Buzz creatix. You will find that we always meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to marketing and creating professional product demonstration videos for your business.

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