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How To Create Your Video Marketing Strategy?

How To Create Your Video Marketing Strategy?

You are here because you know how important video marketing is. Companies cannot become successful just by images and written content. These are uninteresting and unengaging to consumers. In today’s world, consumers are more interested in 360 videos and live streaming. Brands have realised the importance of video marketing and are investing in distribution.


You will learn the ins and outs of video marketing strategy and which type of video to market for maximum engagement. Read further to know more.


How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing strategies are old concepts. You would not make a commercial video only to buy airtime during the Super Bowl without any proper strategy and research. Similarly, you should make a digital marketing video without first researching and preparing a plan. Your video marketing strategy is your guide. It includes your budget, timelines, production method, conversion metrics, etcetera. So, writing this down should be the number one step in your video marketing process.


6 Steps To Video Marketing Strategy

  • Begin with your goals
  • Research your target audience
  • Plan the story you want to convey
  • Keep creative requirements to the point
  • Maintain your timeline
  • Keep a realistic budget


  1. Begin With Your Goals

The first step in making your video marketing strategy is to make some video goals. You would want to make a video for each step of the video marketing funnel. But, you have to decide which step would be the most important to the audience.

  • Awareness– It defines an opportunity or a problem, and the viewers’ problems are acknowledged. At this stage, your video should engage users and find a new group audience.
  • Consideration – The viewer considers how he/she will solve the problem. They try to research, read product reviews and find economical solutions.
  • Decision – Here, the solution has been found. You have to prove to your customers why your product is the best, and the customers should choose your product over others.


If you have to attract a new group of customers, you have to focus on the awareness stage of the video marketing strategy. If you would like to engage your audience, you should focus on consideration. The decision stage would be applicable if you are near to closing your sale.


  1. Research Your Target Audience

It is time to find out your targeted audience. If you make a video without a specific set audience in your mind, your video is likely to flop. Finding your target audience is an important step in video marketing strategy. You have to understand what your consumers want. It is important when you are developing a new product. The people you want to buy your product are the same people you would want to reach in your video. You have to understand three simple points

  • Who your product is for;
  • Purpose of your video;
  • Where your target audience is located.


  1. Plan The Story You Want To Convey

The most fun and the most difficult part of video marketing strategy is to plan the story you want to convey. The following four points serve as the basic framework of a story.

  • Protagonist with an aim
  • Conflict
  • Search
  • Resolution

These four points would take your customer on a journey that should necessarily go with your mission. Also, it is important to remember what emotion you want to arouse through the video. Should they laugh or feel happy? You should keep this in mind while writing your story. Props, colours, costumes, etcetera would all contribute to the emotion of the story.


  1. Keep Creative Requirements To The Point

As you are writing your story, you should keep in mind that you need to get approval from various people before the video is completed. So, even a little change can create a big problem. However, some changes are common, but try to keep your requirements in mind while crafting your story. It is one of the most ignored parts of video marketing strategy.


  1. Maintain Your Timeline

If you are wondering how to be successful in video marketing, this is probably the most important point to keep in mind – stick to your timelines. Throughout the entire process, from crafting your story to the distribution of your video, you should maintain your timelines. You should have several timelines – overall, production, distribution, etc. Your timeline is your guide. It tells you how much you have completed and how much is yet to be done. Every member of your team should stick to their timelines. Everyone should know if there are any changes.


  1. Keep A Realistic Budget

Money is the main factor in everything. Without having a proper budget, it would be difficult to determine what you want. You can plan for a very luxurious video marketing strategy, but if you do not have the required amount, how are you going to do so? You have to determine how much you want to allocate for the production process, marketing process, and more. Always ask several people how much they charge and what they offer.


You should also think about how much you would have paid if you hired a freelancer or a full-time employee. Most of the agencies will offer you information about anything you need, and they would be eager to help you in your video-making process. Certain services and video types cost more than the others. You should research well before you settle for anything.


Some Brownie Tips From Us


  • Type Of Video Works The Best

Other than the video-making process, a proper video marketing strategy also tells you what type of video you should create to engage maximum viewers. Each type of video has its pros and cons. Some kinds of videos might work the best for maximum engagement percentage others might be good if you want to save some cash. Some of the most common types of videos are:

  • Commercial Video
  • Social Content Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Product Video
  • Testimonials


  • Styles

Now that you are done with the type of videos, the next step of a video marketing strategy is to choose the proper style of video. Style refers to the way your story is conveyed. Decide if you want to use actors, graphics, dialogues, props, or anything else. Some of the best styles are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Mini Documentaries
  • Narrative
  • Animation


  • Stages

Last but not the least, a video marketing strategy should include the four stages of video production. In this step, you try to write your best script, search for your dream agency, edit your video, etc. The entire video production process takes about two months if you work with the right people. However, be sure to plan for more time as things can go wrong sometimes.

  • Pre-Production
  • Brainstorming
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboard


Final Touch To Strategizing Your Videos For Marketing!

When you have the best video marketing strategy with you and your team, you are bound to complete your project on time and achieve your goals. If you can engage viewers’ attention, you would be successful in selling your products. You have to convince your customers that your products are the best in the market. You have to find out what your customers want and what would solve their problems. Create a video that would make them feel that the solution to their problems is right before them, just like we do at Buzz Creatix. For more, connect with us through our website.

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