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Beauty Product Videos: Why You Should Be Making Them

Beauty Product Videos: Why You Should Be Making Them

Why should you make Beauty Product Videos? It’s a question that you may have been asking yourself for some time as a business owner. But when you take a closer look into the marketing strategies, you will realize why beauty product videos are one of the most powerful tools for your E-Commerce business. Coming up with the idea to make a beauty product video seems quite simple. You have a product, so why not make a video showing people how it works? But many factors can affect your success.


While any type of content marketing can be effective in some situations, I would suggest you pay attention to the specific elements of creation that can improve your success. Here’s what you need to know: When it comes to content for a beauty product video, you need the right information, target audience, and content delivery method. To get the most impact out of the video, online marketing experts suggest that you make sure that what you’re saying to the consumer is backed up by genuine benefits and real customer feedback from viewers.


For many years, the process of buying beauty products was a high-touch experience that took place in retail settings. Once you set foot inside the store, you’re bombarded by assistants who take an interest in making sure you feel comfortable and find what you’re looking for. Today, consumers enjoy unprecedented access to information about beauty products regardless of where they are and under which circumstances through online shopping. This is one of the most prominent reasons why beauty products should make videos explaining their product. Let’s dive deep into some benefits of beauty product videos.

Product Video Increases Conversions and Sales

Videos can boost conversions, customer satisfaction, and support. It’s proven that 74% of users who watched a beauty product explainer video later bought that product. Sites with product videos get 94% more views compared to plain text offerings. Beauty Product Videos are not only a very efficient way to present your product or service, but they also create a more natural experience with your potential customers. Videos can be used in so many different ways. They can be used as part of your landing page, like at the end of a blog post or as an explainer video that makes people want to buy and watch the whole video.

Product Video Builds Trust

Effective and powerful marketing videos can quickly build trust with your website’s visitors. Many people think that only blog posts or images can establish trust with customers. But think about it: 9 out of 10 beauty product marketers agree that video is the most effective tool for building trust in their business. It’s kind of obvious though. After all, videos show the human side of your product. They help customers to put a face behind the name and connect with the brand. It’s human nature to respond better to other humans than just words on a page.

Product Video also helps to Engage Lazy Buyers

Have you ever wondered why people share videos so much on social media, even those they didn’t create? It’s because videos engage even the laziest people. A study conducted by Harvard University has shown that we react 20% more to visual and auditory stimuli compared to written content. From a psychological point of view, it makes sense. Not only do we perceive a video as being real due to its realism – but we also associate it with the person who is talking or performing in the video. Even the laziest customers will open their eyes wide and pay attention to your message if you use video to promote your business.

 Google Loves Videos

Have you ever noticed that when we search about something on Google, some websites show up with a video as the snippet preview? Google loves videos and so do your potential customers. Video is quickly becoming a dominant form of content online. According to HubSpot, 51% of people who watched videos about a product online went on to buy that product. Videos used to be reserved for the biggest and best of brands. But now everyone is creating video content. Surveys show that 75% of customers want to see more videos. And they prefer watching videos longer than two minutes. So you should be using video marketing.

Video marketing is making a huge impact in today’s tech world, so we bet you’re thinking of getting one too. Creating a product video can be a costly and time-consuming process as there are many moving parts to consider. At Buzz Creatix, we help beauty brands make product videos efficiently. The goal is to make the most effective videos possible to promote products at maximum speed.

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