B2B Enterprise

Lead Generation growth of 300%

COMPANY X is an education service provider. They were looking to create a marketing strategy that helped them generate leads online and provide an effective pathway toward conversion into customers. We worked with them to provide high quality visual and textual content stitched together to create a seamless marketing funnel.

In order to do this, we first analyzed their current content activities and conducted extensive competitor analysis to determine exactly where their advertisement money was going. From there, we determined that approximately 80% of their marketing spend was wasted on pay-per-click advertising. From there, we knew exactly what needed to be done.

We began working with them to design a comprehensive video marketing strategy for their brand, complete with expert-level content creation. With their new social media marketing campaigns, they were able to take advantage of actionable content that was designed to generate leads and convert them into customers. We reduced their PPC budget by more than 60% and restructured their marketing strategy to focus on content creation and video marketing. By the end of year 1, their lead generation grew by nearly 300%. We also saw an impact on their bottom line. Their marketing ROI was 1200%. In fact, in just six months, they were already beginning to earn more.