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Are you educating Your Leads with a Marketing Funnel

Are you educating your leads, or selling to them?

If you’re selling to them, you’re approaching your marketing funnel all wrong.

You see, educating leads is a critical component to building a stronger customer relationship, which helps your marketing funnel be more effective in converting customers.

Here’s why you need to educate customers and the right way to go about it.

Educational Lead Generation Offers

Before we talk about educating your leads, you need a bit of foundational material. Or, rather, a situation.

Let’s say you’ve got an ad. Your landing page is set, your marketing funnel is primed…and customers are bouncing right off your landing page before they even make it through your funnel.

Sounds familiar?

This is a situation that too many companies fall into. They all do it for the same reason: they sell before they build relationships.

This brings us to educational lead generation offers, which is a fancy way of saying content that educates your customers why you’re the better option than anyone else. It’s about the law of reciprocity. Providing education creates value for the user, a way of justifying your later salesmanship.

Instead of selling, educational offers instead seek to teach something. No disclaimers, no asterisk. Just an easy, free, valuable piece of content.

The Benefits of Educating Leads

Why would customers be willing to learn something if all of us suffer through school and never want to go back?

Or, for many business owners, why would customers pay for content if we give them content for free?

Both of those questions are based on a misunderstanding of your customer relationship. And that’s part of why your funnel is losing people before it has the chance to convert them.

There are several benefits to educating your leads, but the boil down to three main points: trust in your brand, qualifying leads, and happier customers.

Trust in Your Brand

Your customer relationship is, well, a relationship. And like any other relationship, it’s built on trust.

Healthy relationships are the ones where both sides know what they’re getting and can rely on the other half to provide something specific. In the case of customer trust, there’s also a component of reliability. That is, if your customers are coming to you to solve a problem, they want to know that you’re best equipped to solve that problem for them.

By providing your customers with educational content in your marketing funnel, you’re showing your customers that you’re a thought leader. You’re a subject matter expert with something to say. When you offer them something, they can trust that it’s well-made, well-researched, and designed for their needs.

Qualified Leads

There are leads, and then there are qualified leads. It’s the difference between a regular goose egg and the golden egg.

Educational content is…well, educational. It actually serves to educate both sides. You have the chance to learn about your leads. By learning about them, you can qualify them as worthwhile for further marketing efforts.

Your leads, meanwhile, have the opportunity to learn more about your business and your solutions. They’ll be smarter about what your business has to offer, which means they can come to you with expectations that match your solutions.

Happier Customers

You’re in the business of keeping your customers happy, right? Let’s be honest: everybody loves free stuff. Especially if that free stuff is also good stuff.

But educating your customers goes deeper than that. When you take the time to educate your customers about the solutions you offer and the problems they’re trying to solve, your customers have clearer expectations. They know what they’re getting when they buy from you.

That means that your customer isn’t blindly purchasing from you. Instead, they’re buying with full awareness of what they’re getting and the knowledge that it’s exactly what they want.

This, in turn, means better customer satisfaction, which means your customers are more likely to come back for more. And the only thing better than a converting customer is a returning customer.

What Customer Education Really Looks Like

You know you need to educate your customers, and you’re equipped with all the explainer videos, tutorials, and infographics to teach them, but what does customer education look like in practical terms?

You see, there’s a right way to educate your leads and a wrong way to educate your leads. Educating the wrong way is just as bad as not educating at all (if not worse).

The Wrong Way to Educate Leads

The wrong way to educate leads falls into two categories: justification and showmanship.

Always remember that educating your leads is NOT about selling to them. So if you’re using educational content to justify your prices, your leads are going to lose their patience.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a laundry list of reasons behind their pricing. The reality is that your customers don’t care. They care about what you can do for them. Justifying your prices is about what they can do for you.

With that in mind, it is important to show that you’re qualified. What customers don’t want is showmanship. They want to know that you’re qualified, not arrogant or inclined to make promises you can’t keep. Start with human stuff–empathy, compassion, and care.

As the saying goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

The Right Way to Educate Leads

First and foremost, educate to set the right expectations. Your customers should leave your educational materials knowing what they’re getting from you.

If you show them a product video, for example, they should finish that video with a comprehensive understanding of what they’ll get if they purchase that product.

This is also your chance to persuade. Education is about providing facts, so you can provide facts that ever so subtly nudge your customer into realizing that you’re the best option in the market.

Are You Educating Your Leads?

If you’re not educating your leads, it’s time to rethink your marketing funnel. We’re here to help you do it.

We know that video is a uniquely powerful tool for providing information, which makes it perfectly equipped to educate your customers. If you need educational videos to strengthen your marketing funnel, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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