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Amazon Product Video Maker: The Key to Increasing Profits

Amazon Product Video Maker: The Key to Increasing Profits

As an Amazon seller, you must have heard about video marketing. It is one of the best ways to market your products on Amazon. Video marketing is not a new phenomenon, but it has become one of the most important tools for internet marketing purposes. With so many e-commerce websites coming up, a seller can get drowned in the competition by not using video marketing as a promotional strategy. 

The buyers like to watch videos on Amazon. It will directly lead to increased sales. When you use a video as your advertisement tool, you can easily grab the attention of the audience and make them buy your product. It is also easy to show details about the products without using any words. Most of the viewers are interested in watching videos so they can learn more about the products and services that they want to buy. At the same time, with Amazon product demo videos, you will increase traffic on your Amazon author page.

Why should we use Product videos on Amazon?

If you are wondering as a business owner, why promote your products on amazon with a video. Then you are at the right place for your answer. People these days are using videos to offer a much higher impact than images. Niche sites and content marketers have made use of this new way of promoting products and even blogs like ours are using this new trend to offer valuable data to visitors. 

Have you ever tried visiting an Amazon Product page to buy a new gadget or any other thing but faced the problem of not finding the right information about them. Such things often happen when we do not find the desired information about products even after searching for them on different online sites. The statistics say that 4 out of 5 shoppers prefer to view more than one picture of the product before making a purchase decision. However, 1 in 5 shoppers leave the Amazon site because they are unable to find enough images of the product before purchasing it. This is why product videos are used for E-Commerce stores. So, if you want your business to reach millions of potential buyers worldwide then a video is one of your best bets for the same.

What Do You Require Before Uploading The Video?

There are certain aspects that you must consider before uploading the Amazon product video request. With this, you will be able to know more about your video and if it is eligible for review by Amazon or not. By checking these details and requirements, you are making sure that you will be able to send in a quality product video as an application to sell your product on Amazon.

1) Good Quality Video

Adding videos to Amazon is a massive marketing technique. This will help you to rank in the top list of products. For that, you must fulfill all the criteria of Amazon product videos. The foremost point is high-quality video. Without excellent quality, your video gets denied. When you are creating a product video, you are selling the item on Amazon through it. Hence, elements like image quality, background music, and narration have to be as effective as possible.

2) Video Title

With all that you have to do before uploading an Amazon video on the site, the title of your Amazon product video must be short yet identifiable. An ideal Amazon product video title will be short, within 100 characters, and will convey the benefits of your item. It must be attractive so it will attract viewers on search result pages of the platform.

3) Video Type

Before you upload your video on the Amazon Market, you have to know what type of product video you want to create for amazon. This is because when you create a product video, it is not like you create a simple video file and then upload it on Amazon. This is because whenever you make a product film, Amazon gives very specific guidelines that have to be followed and will have to relook in case there are any major changes made to the product.

4) Video Summary

Unfortunately, most video uploaders take this step as a joke. Yes, they give a summary, but that’s all. Do you know how many people skip the video just because of the description that contains irrelevant text? However, if you can make the audience read your description and know what the video is about – that would be impressive. This can be done by providing an overview in just 400 characters.

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