About Buzz Creatix

Invigorating Your Business Through Systemic Inbound Growth

It’s time for your business to work on something more than just a Corporate Video.

We’re a Marketing funnel agency specializing in building video market funnels. We’re firm believers that video content simply isn’t being properly or effectively utilized by today’s businesses, despite it being the most consumable content on the web!

Most businesses spend too much time creating random videos that lack the ability to generate new leads,measure their success, their level of engagement, and their ROI.

It’s All About Strategy

We invented the video marketing funnel TM , which is a strategized system specifically designed to embed video content into your marketing funnel with advanced communications strategies to ensure that you really do receive the results that you seek for your business. And from there, you can measure the impact, you can measure your ROI, and you can measure the smile on your face when you see the high-quality leads come pouring in.

Systematic Inbound Growth

Inbound growth specifically refers to your business’ ability to engage with your target audience in a way that it attracts leads into your funnel and nurtures those leads into real engagement. It’s all about the strategy. In other words, randomized content simply doesn’t generate the results that you need – it all comes down to the strategy.

Through our systematic inbound growth strategy, our clients often find that it is much more cost-effective in comparison to cold calls, random email blasts, and direct outreach. Ultimately, through our system, you can expect more rapid lead generation and more high quality leads who contact you from the start. You can begin to reap the benefits of increased customer life value and customer loyalty.

Leave the push marketing behind and instead, invest in Systematic inbound growth

We are a small team of Creatives and Marketing Experts.I truly believe that video content just isn’t being leveraged as well as it could be by today’s businesses. And our mission is to Utilize Video content to generate leads and speed up conversions. My journey of working with TV channels in India and the UK and My bachelors from London College of Communication has helped me blend skills of Storytelling and Marketing communication.

We at Buzz Creatix have set a goal to generate 12,00,000 high quality warm leads for our clients by 2023 🙂