5 Things You Need To Consider When Making a Product Demo Video

5 Things You Need To Consider When Making a Product Demo Video

As an entrepreneur, you would know the importance of video marketing. Filming your product videos is a great way to enhance your branding and improve conversion rates. A product video is a short video that compellingly communicates your company’s message. You can use these videos to promote your business online, strengthen relationships with customers and increase revenue through increased traffic and sales. Product videos open your business up to an entirely different medium and put you at an advantage over your competitors. It’s not just because there are tons of big brands out there making videos, it’s because online shoppers prefer to watch a product video before they purchase something.


Documentary-style product videos are one of the most effective ways to create sales leads, increase conversions, and recapture customers. Many large corporations—including Apple, Nike, and Ford—have made successful product videos. Why? Because viewers are 70% more likely to purchase after watching a product video. A product video also leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, often prompting consumers to follow a link to learn more about your company and make a purchase. These videos are affordable to produce, and you should always fix the marketing budget to make a product video.


A product video can be a live-action video or an animated video. It can also include live-action footage with computer animation, or a mix of live-action and animation. The popularity of product videos has been rising in recent years. With the growing popularity of smartphones, video has become one of the ways people consume information. Product videos tend to work best when you are making a video to describe a product that has a simple interface or uses a simple language. Recent studies suggest that video production can help companies to boost conversions by 80%. Making a video demo of your product can boost sales. It highlights the key features of the product and makes customers understand the benefits much better. Here are seven important things you need to consider when making a video demo for your product.


What is the Objective ?

A video represents an investment. But what is the motive of your company in creating one? It’s important to figure out why you are investing in a video in the first place or you might end up with something that doesn’t work for you or your business. Once you have a video, it’s important to determine its purpose. Will the video help open new markets, enhance your image, improve conversions, make customers happier? If your organization can do all of those great things with a single video, then you’re onto something that will be powerful and cost-effective to produce.

What are your 3 important messages ?

What are your 3 important messages? What are the most important things for people to know about you, your product, your service? Think about this. These are the things that will create an impact on your viewers, potential customers. They will stick in their minds. They can influence your viewers to click on your order button, make a purchase, schedule a consultation or call you. In the end, your video’s success depends on how effectively you’re able to deliver your 3 key messages. Whether they’re influential, thought-provoking, inspiring, or motivational, the message must be clear!

What is your absolute timeline ?

No matter what type of video you’re producing (animation, live-action, or whiteboard), there are phases to production. A project is only as good as the team assigned to it, which is why it’s important to communicate your ideal timeline with your video team while you are in the planning phase. This will help avoid missing deadlines as you move forward with the project. Creating a professionally-produced explainer video is a big investment. You need to partner with a company that knows how to maintain your level of quality and professionalism throughout the entire project. So, it’s important to collaborate with a team so that you can confidently communicate your ideal timeline. 


What’s the budget ?

Producing a video is an art. For certain, the more time you allow for editing, the more money you can expect to spend. If you are on a tight budget, ask your production company what they can do to help you save some money. It’s important to communicate with your team about how you want your video filmed, what type of equipment they will be using, and where they plan on filming your video. Remember the 3 C’s of video production: clarity, creativity, and communication. 

Where will the filming take place ?

Shoot locations usually rely on the story you are telling. The location you choose to shoot your video project will affect your final look and the overall style of the video. You may decide to create a dark, dramatic tone or a light and airy feel. The location will influence how you set up the lighting, which is one of the most important aspects of filming. There’s nothing better than scouting a great spot and knowing that your video production will be original and fun. Sometimes we just need to get outside of the office or go back to basics and look for interesting locations that we can transform into a set. 

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