4 Reasons Every Business Needs a Product Video

4 Reasons Every Business Needs a Product Video

You must have heard this saying “Content is King”? These words are a must factor in today’s world. Whenever we open our social media, be it Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or Instagram, we see videos. Even when we watch TV or open the internet to google something. Today you will find people scrolling through their phones constantly. An average adult spends at least 5 to 6 hours a day on their phone and spends 90 to 100 minutes watching video content daily. The human brain processes video content 60,000 times faster than plain text. The online video covers 80% of all Internet traffic. Video helps customers understand the features and benefits of your products or services in a unique way that benefits conversion.


The reason we need to focus on product videos is that they tell your story. Your story, your brand, your company are all intertwined into one. When creating a product video, you get to show that off in a fun and engaging way. A product video maker agency is one of the most effective marketing investment you can make for your business. One of the greatest things about video marketing is that videos can be easily shared and distributed. People tend to forget that to get their message and brand out there, one must first share it through video marketing. It is incomparable to any other content due to its ability to capture the attention of someone for longer periods. People love video content because it helps them understand a product better. Here are some reasons why product video maker are needed for your business.


A video builds a sense of belief and security in your business.

Would you rather read about a new product, or watch a video demo? You’d choose the video, right? Video builds trust and credibility because people like to get information from other people. It’s how we learn since birth — we hear and see things and repeat them. A product video is a kind of advertisement and is essentially a substitute for the written word. A product video captures the element of sight and allows your customers to see and understand your product. 

Your search engine loves Videos!

One of the most exciting trends in online business these days is the use of video to get yourself noticed by search engines. SEO is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, but trying to get traffic that converts into customers can prove harder than it sounds. Google is prioritizing sites that have video content on their site, this means if your site already has video content, it’s more likely to be ranked higher in Google’s results pages, especially if it’s linked to YouTube.


A Product video helps to explain your brand efficiently

Every visitor on your site is different and has its perspective and learning curve. Videos help you simplify the consumer’s journey to understand how to use your product. These are especially helpful if you have a complex product or service that requires large amounts of information to be understood. A product video can be very beneficial for e-commerce businesses as it helps to explain the brand efficiently and showcase the real feel of the product.


Enables your brand to stand out from other competition

The remarkable and rapid growth of video marketing is the result of the rise in online businesses, and also brought about by constant technological development. Nowadays video marketing is a must for any company in terms of popularity and recognition since it has been proven that it can substantially grow its customer base. Every marketer out there knows that visual branding is important to differentiate your brand from competitors. Videos are a great way for consumers to see the benefits of what you have to offer. This allows for better conversion rates which create more revenue for your business. 

Most businesses do not have a presence on social media, and it is because they don’t know how to correctly use each platform. A lot of businesses don’t start this process until they get a new client or increase in popularity. This is a poor business practice and must be changed immediately. If you would like to get more business and keep your current clients happy, hiring a production company to make a product explainer video for your business can help tremendously. I know what you’re probably thinking that sounds like a lot of money but the return on investment (ROI) is huge if you plan it out correctly. Buzz Creatix helps to bring your video content to life with high production value videos. Our team of creative content producers, animators, and editors will provide you with high production value videos that will help you take your brand to the next level. Commitment, dedication, and passion are what we do best!

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