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Business video ideas that work best for B2B companies

3 unique business video ideas that

work best for B2B companies


There are no more days when you could hand out the company’s pamphlet, or a 100-page booklet to help your customers learn on your B2B business. In the present, when digital media dominates the world through content-driven digital media and social networks, marketing is more about creativity and not selling.


What can other businesses do to be sure that working with your company will be a good decision ? The answer is easy, You just need to demonstrate to them what your company can do and what you have in your portfolio. There are many methods to do this, such as sending your newsletter or brochure online or via email, contacting them and explaining, or supplying websites with hyperlinks. But these options can be long-lasting and might not turn the desired results. One of the most recent marketing methods that has garnered lots of interest is “business video”.


What exactly are business videos? You might ask? They are educational which show other businesses what they typically read on an “About Our Company” section on your website. The video includes your company’s name, the date it came into existence as well as the type of work it customers, services, number of employees, the place you rank in the marketplace and manufacturing of goods and how you can provide it…everything! There are various kinds of commercial videos that you can select from,

  • Corporate Video
  • Explainer videos
  • Product Videos
  • Videos of company culture
  • Recruitment and training clips
  • Social videos
  • Introduction film


There is more to consider than you realize. The content for your B2B business video will be based on :

  • The message (what do you wish to say?),
  • medium (social media, exhibitions or other),
  • viewers (what kind of business is who are),
  • time (are there limits?)

It can be overwhelming However, don’t worry we’ve selected for you three great business videos that will perform best to promote your B2B business.


Corporate Video

A video overview covers all the aspects of the business. It addresses the following questions :

  • What are we?
  • Our Leaders and Employees
  • Where are we located? branches?
  • Our products and services
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is your purpose or purpose?
  • Why should you collaborate with us?

A video that can answer all of these questions, packed with amazing images (factories offices, factories, employees working, landscape photos of the products you sell and their uses)and audio(voiced by the CEO and Director) is the best way to impress the entrepreneurs who are clients. The videos could be shorter or longer and can be distributed to all the world to highlight your objectives.

Get inspiration from the adored Tata group to understand what a good introduction video ought to appear like.

Tata Power Corporate Film 2019


Testimonial Videos

What steps should you do when you want to buy an item? First, you read the description, then read others’ reviews. In the same way, testimonial videos can be powerful sources of feedback. They can effectively convey your potential customers the positive effect your product can have on the lives of people. Hearing the voice of your customers and watching a service in operation is much more engaging than reading a long paragraph. Additionally testimonial videos are valuable in terms of establishing trust and attracting new clients.

To understand how a review can affect a business the way you do business, watch this video by Ascender.

2018 Customer Testimonial Videos


Product Videos

Video tutorials for products show the benefits and benefits of your product and also demonstrate how it operates while enthralling your customers. Update videos for your product can keep your current business partners updated with the latest changes and updates for your service. Additionally, these videos will inform your business about new features and help in the process of gaining acceptance for your product. They’re particularly helpful for clients who are at the awareness or consideration phases of their buying journey, and require an unambiguous, comprehensive explanation of the features you’re able to provide.

Take a look at these amazing video of the product by Jaguar



Video is a powerful tool. It will help you present your company to attract customers and promote anything including exclusive membership sites, professional software and services. In order the videos you create to create the desired impact, they need to be successful. Make sure they are relevant, trigger an emotional response and keep the message relevant. Select a topic that is appropriate for the goals of your company and also add your own personal style. To increase the reach of your work We encourage you to share your work on all platforms.

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