Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is Awesome For Your Brand

In this day and age, social media is extremely important. More and more people are online and with the advent of smartphones, an engaging video can be viewed from anywhere. It works wonders for SEO and is known to drive conversion rates. 57% of online consumers are more interested to purchase a product after watching a marketing video. It is 53x more likely for websites with videos to be featured on the front page of search results as compared to those with just text.

A well-made video can result in excellent brand awareness and lead generation for your product/service. It can be used for a sales pitch, educate/train staff or explain their product. But the ultimate goal for a good video is to get more customers.

Your Brand Image Matters

A poorly-planned video will not make the right splash in the market and might give out an incorrect impression of the brand. You are more likely to end up with a bad video if enough attention and time are not devoted to understanding the message and content of the product/service.

Key to Creating A Fantastic Video Marketing Campaign

Some of the points that need to be kept in mind to develop a great video are in-depth research on brand, understand the message to be conveyed and make the content convincing as well as engaging. The video should be able to educate the customer about the brand. This will lead to trust and credibility and you are given the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Why Buzz Creatix Scores over Others

Buzz Creatix has over 10 years of industry experience. We have worked with great clients such as Gulf Oil, AB Studio Interior Designers and many others who can vouch for our professionalism. We place importance in coming up with the correct brand and content strategy for our videos so that your product/service truly benefits from video marketing. The concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Most importantly, we stick to the deadline given and complete the video on time.






Ensuring a good response from your targeted audience is the core element of the entire planning process that goes into brochure designing. After all, creating and printing brochures incurs a significant expense. But more than that every piece of information you provide on the brochure should leave an impression on your prospects. Leave a wrong impression and you risk of losing a potential prospect. So, planning the brochure design and what all goes in will be crucial. It also involves understanding your customer as what he would expect from you will trigger the entire process.



Well, now with planning done, you need to develop it by putting the ideas on paper. Whether it’s a storyboard for a film or ad or a multidimensional marketing campaign for a service or product developing the initial idea is your first chore towards your client. We at Buzz Creatix, bring your ideas to life by developing your thoughts that were discussed at the planning stage. What this process does? It gives a clear picture to your client about how the idea would be delivered to the end user in the form of a brochure.



This is the final stage where the idea and content developed visually is delivered in the form of a product (brochure in this case). The brochure designed by Buzz Creatix reflects your vision about the product or service that you want to convey to your prospects. Buzz Creatix designs unique corporate brochure designs that speak your mind through the product or service perfectly targeting your audience.