Today, online video is witnessing an explosive growth thanks to Google’s algorithm for search engines that takes into account the amount of time visitors stay on the website. Over the past few years explainer videos have popularized due to their proven efficacy and affordability in developing a business. As a result, explainer videos are considered to be an outstanding marketing tool. Making your product clear to your audience, enhancing the conversion rates and enhancing the sales are just few of the several reasons that an organization should have an explainer video from an explainer video maker.

Importance of Explainer Videos to your Business

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates
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     Recent studies suggest that around 80% people tend to buy a product or service on seeing an add-on explainer video. These videos help budding entrepreneurs keep a track of the number of visitors on their sites that could become their actual customers. Though majority of the businesses physically count sales to know which products are most popular, explainer videos precisely track the product or service potential clients are interested by exhibiting the number of views on each video.


  • Produce Greater Interest  
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     Today, media plays a huge role in the promotion of a brand and more and more businesses are realizing it and thus collaborating with an explainer video production company. They do this by making use of images and videos to generate interest in their product. A recent study suggests that over 70% of internet users watch videos online which in itself, is a great percentage.


  • Enhanced Web Traffic
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 ‘Viral’ is a term that has been known to millions of internet users since many years. A viral video is one that apparently comes out of nowhere and gets a huge viewing in a very short amount of time. Sadly, there isn’t any set formula for ‘going viral’; however, a few products have gained popularity through viral videos, including some of the very popular brands.


  • Better Google Search Ranking
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     Statistically speaking, stale websites don’t produce good results. It has been proven that websites possessing infinite pages of block text and images rank quite low in Google search, which refers to less exposure. It has been observed that visitors don’t wait too long on such pages as they fear they might not get to know the product or service quickly and purchase it instantly. It majority of cases, an average individual takes less than a minute to make a buying decision. An explainer video will get such people’s attention instantly.


  • Can be Shared Easily

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It’s not necessary to restrict the explainer video to your site. In fact, Vimeo and YouTube, two of the free video hosting sites possess useful tools that let you upload your videos and use keywords for drawing interest to them. Using these sites has an added advantage which is their compatibility with a smart-phone, whereas, your site might not be accessible on handsets. Further, videos can be shared easily, unlike text web pages.
Getting the best explainer video from a renowned explainer video company in Mumbai like Buzz Creatix has many more benefits besides enhancing sales, explaining your product/service successfully and gaining popularity for your brand. Ensure that you get the best out of such videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

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