Video Marketing Services

Considering we live in the 21st century that is essentially being dubbed as a digital era, it’s not surprising that videos have become a great platform to market products/services of small businesses. And it has only increased with the advent of smartphones and social media boom. It is difficult to ignore video as a platform. It is one of the most engaging types of content available today not to mention budget-friendly.

There are several ways in which video marketing services can be used to enhance the growth of small businesses. Some of them are:

Place a Video on Your Landing Page

Most of the small businesses will invest in online advertising. These ads will result in a landing page, where customers can start to crawl via the sales funnel. Enhancing landing page conversion proves to be an uphill task but with a video it appears to be comparatively easy. It is seen that when a video is embedded on your landing page, it can increase conversions upto 80%. This is due to the content being interesting and engaging and it encourages people to view.

Reach Mobile Consumers Better

Over more than half of all internet users now use internet from a mobile device. It is vital to know this as it means that traditional kinds of content are no longer grabbing the attention of the audience. Now-a-days, people don’t have the time to read through a long blog post on the screen of a smartphone. The best way to attract attention is through the medium of a video. A video can convey for as much as 10,000 words for every 1,000 words that are written down. It’s the best possible way to disperse a lot of information in a short amount of time. This is a good way of reaching over half your audience who don’t have to waste time reading through a long sales pitch. In this way, you get to appeal to more people.

Exhibit your Brand

It’s difficult gauge much of a product when there are only three or four stock photos on the screen. A video, on the other hand, can offer people with much insight into what the product is, how it works and how it could be used. Showcasing the product in action should give the audience more of a glimpse of the workings of the product and what makes it tick. Combine it with an engaging story and it makes for a compelling brand campaign.

Go Interactive

It is important for any business to communicate with customers for it to keep growing. A fantastic way to increase engagement levels is to get your videos to be interactive. There are several ways of going about this such as videos where one can follow a story along or organize events through live-streaming. One of the best ways to get engagement is to arrange for a live Q&A session. The customers get to feel like they are part of the movement.

Building Anticipation

All businesses will go through a phase where there is a long gap between releases. There is a risk with the customers no longer responding to you if the gap is too wide. They have forgotten or lost interest with what you’re offering. A short teaser video can keep people excited and pumped about what’s to come. It does not have to be long. It can be short as much as few seconds. Teasers are designed to keep people talking and prevent your company from getting stale.

Keeping all of the points in mind, a good explainer video maker can come up with a great video marketing campaign that can help small businesses thrive and promote their products/services effectively.

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