Undoubtedly, today, logos are an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Representing an organization graphically, a logo anchors the brand of an organization and becomes its sole most visible appearance within the target area. This ensures a well-designed logo to be a vital part of an organization’s overall marketing strategy.

  • Purpose

Corporate logos are intended to be a visual representation of an organization. They are graphical displays of an organization’s unique identity and with the help of fonts, images and colors they give necessary information about an organization that lets customers recognize the company’s core brand. Further, logos are also a shorthand way of referring to the organization in advertising as well as marketing materials. They also prove to be an anchor point for the several colors, fonts and design choices in all other business marketing materials.


  • Brand Uniqueness
    Several brand agencies in Mumbai will agree with the fact that logos are the primary visual component of an organization’s overall brand identity.  Websites, stationery, business cards and advertising are some of the platforms on which the logo appears. As all these platforms are vital aspects of a brand’s identity, a well-designed logo can contribute to the success of the business, while an inferior logo can imply clumsiness and turn off potential clients. However, as logo should adhere to the other aspects of an organization’s visual presentation. When surrounded by conflicting graphical elements or unreliable fonts, no logo, however well designed can look good. This is the reason logo is the basic unit of a greater brand identity that incorporates colors, fonts and guidelines.
  • Improved Returns

logo-designerAs customers begin to know, like and trust a particular brand, the chances of their responding positively to several encounters with a logo increases tremendously. This potentially leads to enhanced sales or mind share with the target area. Further, a well-designed logo denotes a degree of proficiency and professionalism that would prompt potential customers to select the brand instead of opting for a competitor’s brand.

  • Principles for Designing

A proficient logo designer in Mumbai would tell you the significance of good and unique logos for getting potential customers on board. Though there could be innumerable choices for visual elements, color and typography, generally a logo must be able to convey some information about the organization or must give an idea about what the industry is all about.

  •    General Mistakes

Small organizations generally make mistakes when going ahead with logos as they don’t pay adequate attention to their suitable size and positioning. Further, they also surround the logo with materials that include clipart that visually competes with them. It’s best to avoid re-creating various types of logos for particular purpose, i.e. business cards and letterhead.

Logos play a very important role in promoting the brand as it represents the brand more than anything. Buzz Creatix, a corporate branding company in Mumbai is proficient in logo designing. Their long list of high profile clients are the testimony to their work. Getting them on board will serve your purpose of marketing your brand in the best possible way.


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