Corporate video production

It is the 21st century and more and more people are turning to the internet and social media for business as well as entertainment. Since a large number of folks are online all the time, thanks to the advent of smartphones, it would be smart to use videos as a digital marketing platform to promote your brand.

There are numerous key benefits of video marketing. Here are some of them

Video Drives Conversions and Increases Sales

It works very well for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is owned by google. If you know how to use the proper keywords, they have the potential to increase search engine ranking, click-through rates and open rates. As per the results of a study, having a video embedded in the landing page can boost conversion by 80%.Videos have 53x more chances to feature at all search pages as opposed to just text. In the video description, if you add links to your website, the customers can click on them, leading them to you directly.

Sharing is Caring

We live in a world where videos if it ever goes viral, gets an immense amount of attention. Because of social websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, a large number of people can access and share videos with others. This hikes the views of the videos that ultimately plays a part in increasing brand awareness of the product/service. Uploading videos on social media are one of the most common strategies employed by an Explainer Video Production Company.

Building Trust and Credibility

It is very important to build and maintain the trust of the target audience. Videos are a neat way to project a certain image about your company and the product/service you wish to market. Once a specific image is created in the minds of the viewers, it is easier for potential customers to connect with it and create trust. An engaging product video developed by a Product Video Company helps with building credibility and trust with viewers as these videos are usually educational in nature and helps in informing them with the specifics of the brand and what the company stands for.

Accessible at All Times

Thanks to a plethora of video-hosting platforms and online technology, videos are easily accessible. With more and more people opting for smartphones, these videos can pretty much be viewed at all times. Since it can be viewed multiple times, it automatically has higher recall value. A Corporate Film Makers in Mumbai will find video marketing much more cost-effective than traditional paper marketing.
Stays in Your Minds

Videos have the capability for higher retention rate as compared to campaigns that ONLY feature text in them. Content that is both visual and audio makes the final campaign more appealing in nature. You’re more likely to click on a video where someone is explaining a product/service in a visually-engaging manner rather than devote time to read a long text.

Buzz Creatix is a fantastic video marketing company where you can convert your ideas into amazing videos. The organization plays a key role in enabling you to reach out to your intended audience with appealing and captivating videos that aids in increasing brand awareness and sales for your product/service.

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