Explainer Videos For Business

With India going through a digital revolution and social media boom, video marketing has become an inherent part of the marketing conversation for internet campaigns. Google’s algorithm for search rankings do take into the account the time spent by visitors on your website, which is one of the many reasons why videos have seen an exponential growth in the marketing medium.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that are used to explain your firm’s product or service. In the past few years, explainer videos have witnessed a huge surge in popularity owing to their budget-friendliness and proven effectiveness in developing a business. This makes explainer videos a great marketing tool. Improving your conversion rates, clarifying your product, boosting sales and so forth are some of the reasons why an explainer video can be beneficial for your business.

Increase Conversion Rates

Some products/services may seem complex to use at first but then with an easy to use guide the use of it then seems easy. An Explainer video does just that, but it also explains a product in an artistic manner that quickens the buying impulse in the mind of the customer. Explainer videos make an excellent conversion sales tool as it helps to make a purchase decision, develop trust for the brand and in turn to boost sales.

Explain the Goal of the Product/Service

Plain text can create confusion at times as people can interpret it the way they want to if they are not clear enough. On the other hand a reputed explainer video maker will take the time to develop a good video that explains the fundamental basics and usefulness of a product or service. These videos usually do a great job in helping your connect better with a prospective customer and why you should pick their product/service over others.

Making Website Navigation Easier

A website can seem alien at first to a visitor especially if they need to make a purchase of a product for the first time. Some websites would require a demo just to understand what the website is all about and how does one go about exploring the website. In such a scenario, it is important that we make an explainer video as it’s the most crucial aspect for a customer to stay on the website. As we all know that acquiring a new customer is the hardest, thus a video can go a long way in retaining customers and engaging them on a personal level that establishes a connect with the product.

Understanding the Basics of App

An App is made with an intent to deliver a specific need to a customer. To communicate that need and to connect with the customer, it’s important that a customer feels at ease when using an App. Every App has its unique interface which makes it different from another App. To communicate this distinct feature of an App, an explainer video can go a long way in making the customer feel at ease as the video will explain all the features an App possesses within a few minutes.

Adapting to New Features of Product/Service

Change is the only constant factor today that establishes growth in any field whatsoever. This applies to inventing new products, updating new features and creating something new that makes living easy. When technology undergoes a new update, its effect can be seen across every mode of communication. This is where an explainer video helps in simplifying the process of adaptation to new features and make customers understand what is new and how to deal with this sudden change whatsoever.

Easily Shareable

An explainer video does not necessarily have to be restricted to the website. It can be shared on video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo as well as other social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. They are also compatible with smartphones and can be viewed anywhere and at any time. They can be shared with millions of people at the same time. People are more likely to share a video than read texts.

So explainer videos can play a key role in helping businesses market their products/services.

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