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Thanks to the advent of smartphones and social media boom, videos have slowly become the go-to medium for marketers. Video marketing has turned into one of the most efficient ways of communication with your B2B customers.

The power of videos lies in the fact that has the potential to grab and retain the attention of prospective buyers by taking them in a visual or interactive story. Our brains enjoy the concept of storytelling and strong narratives have the ability to engage us deeply and can make us re-live them in your imagination.

Among the varied video formats that can be used, an explainer video ought to be top priority. This is usually a short clip that provides a crisp and descriptive definition of your product or service. It can be utilized across all online platforms.
An explainer video is a successful marketing asset. It has the capability of offering your prospective customers a simple but strong overview of how the brand can improve their lives.

There are numerous reasons as why so many B2B brands are developing explainer videos. Some of them are:

Clarity and Strong Message:

Ever wondered why explainer videos are successful in reaching your B2B customers? One of the key reasons is because it can grab people’s attention in less than a minute. An explainer video’s objective is to deliver to your customers a simple and easy message, teamed with visual explanations through animation or motion graphics. An engaging explainer video developed by a competent explainer video marker has the ability to aid comprehension. They are even helpful if the product or service is complex and technical.

Develop a Consistent Brand Image:

It is vital to develop explainer videos for it can immensely assist in branding. The leads have numerous points of contact with your business from your website and social media to your support staff and sales. A consistent and strong video can improve your brand’s image. It can also aid in setting a clear branding style and tine in case there are issues. An explainer video can consolidate your messaging and offer coherent details to your prospective as well as existing customers.

Stand Out from the Crowd:

Your explainer video need to be amazing it is has to be a branding and differentiating tool. You can select different approaches when developing your video to make it interesting. A few of the most popular and effective options comprise of cartoon style of animated character videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, stop-motion and 3D animation. Animated characters are fantastic for humanizing your brand and making to more relatable.

Start Developing your Explainer Video

Crafting a strong explainer video takes a lot of effort but it can bring fantastic outcomes for your brand in the form of greater conversions. It’s a vital component of any B2B marketing mix today.

Apart from explainer videos, a corporate video created by a reputed corporate film production in Mumbai is also a fantastic form of video marketing.

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