Can CSR and Corporate Videos Build Brand Loyalty?

Wondering how two totally different strategies can help you with building your brand name? Well, corporate videos and CSR videos have much in common. A common characteristic of corporate and CSR videos is the focus which is solely on the company and not its services and products. Corporate videos create brand awareness by focusing on the company’s values, aim, beliefs and vision. A CSR video production on the other hand, portrays these features into giving back to society through social work. A company’s core beliefs and values are reflected in their CSR practices. And in a very subtle way, this makes for an excellent strategy to build brand loyalty. Now that you know the two are interlinked, read on to find out how they are.

1. People and Google Love Videos

A snackable minute long video can convey a lot of information to viewers who have a short attention capacity. A corporate video is more likely to be watched than an article being read about the company. By watching videos, people are able to retain 70% of what they see and hear. Telling your CSR program story in a video has a greater impact on the mind as compared to only seeing or hearing about it. This is why a CSR video production works better among an audience.

Besides people, even search engines prefer videos to textual content. Google Analytics is a unique feature that lets you keep track of the popularity of your video, number of views, number of shares, who has shared it, etc. This data is crucial to work on your website’s SEO and improvise if necessary. Online videos can assure your website a high ranking on search engines.

2. Creating a Connection

Watching CSR or corporate videos help the client and customer understand the company’s goal and how it gives back to society. It reminds the public that people who share the same beliefs and morals, help run your company. Such a portrayal attracts them, and a sense of attachment is created from their end. They get a clear idea of what the company is about, find common ground and ultimately become brand loyal. A CSR video production pulls on the emotional strings of the viewer, enticing him to be part of your business world and hit the CTA button. As a potential customer, one could be highly impressed with the kind work ethos and CSR practices to want him to make his bit of contribution as well and be part of a greater good.

3. Easy to Share

Just one click of the button and your video can be shared. The easiest way to build brand loyalty and generate more traffic is to share your content in the most appealing way. And what better way to do it with a video! A stimulating CSR video production with real-life experiences is one of the best production techniques to create brand loyalty. Inspiring videos get people talking about the content and production of your video in the comment section on sites where it has been posted. When such discussions happen online, your video is bound to go viral. Soon enough everyone wants to know what’s the buzz about, watches your video and hits ‘SHARE’.

4. Authenticity

It is obvious to know that with a corporate video there is more authenticity to your company. The audience believes that there is truth in what the company says about your principle and your product/service. There is some sort of transparency of the organization in a video. Video testimonials on sustainability and society development and other narrations of CSR practices, can not only appeal to clients and customers, but also investors. On watching the corporate and CSR videos, interested investors are swayed by the kind of work ethics and core beliefs that are executed not only in the product/service, but also in social outreach programs. Although you may be a developing brand, this prompts them to want to make an investment in any brand that lives by its word.

I bet you didn’t know that investing in CSR video productions can also be a way of enhancing conversion rates. And now that we’ve told you how, what are you waiting for? Give us a buzz if you want a viral corporate video or a trending CSR video.

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